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Executive Management Team

jiaohaitao - Team Introduction

Jiao Haitao | CEO


Mr. Jiao Graduated from Beihang University (BUAA), Bachelor of Engineering, Senior Engineer. In 2009, Mr. Jiao founded Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co., Ltd., served as executive director and general manager. Under his leadership, VANQ has grown into a international high-tech enterprise with design, research and development, production and sales, and technical services. It owns numerous original technology invention of planting lighting, facility agriculture and LED packaging technology.

yuanxianwen - Team Introduction

Yuan Xianwen | GM


Mr. Yuan is MBA, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Bachelor of Engineering, Beihang University. He has more than 16 years of experience senior management in the Top 50 Chinese Enterprises. And continuously injects the most advanced development into the development and management of VANQ.

Plant Light and IoT Engineering Technology R&D Team

The VANQ Plant Light and IoT Engineering Technology R&D Team carries out industrial design and always step in the first line in the field. We aimed to the future development, automation, and integrated IoT remote control and other new R&D design concepts. And provide better services to all our customers in many fields (domestic and international users, farm growers, partners, scientific research units, etc.)

shenjinchang - Team Introduction

Shen Jinchang | TD


Unity Opto Technology, LTD. (Shenzhen District)

Mr. Shen has specialized in LED, and has been engaged in LED industry for more than 10 years. He has worked in Unity Opto Technology, LTD. (Shenzhen District), has in-depth research on the spectrum required for plant production. He’s the first one to create plant growth full-spectrum series, the 7-band and 11-band spectral series of cannabis growth, and announced that different plant need different spectral data.

fengzhiming - Team Introduction

Feng Zhiming | R&D Director


Mr. Feng has been worked over years of LINUX,RTOS, FREE_RTOS system-level product development, responsible for LED plant light control, smart home appliances, smart farms, vehicle equipment and other areas of IoT project research and development work, to ensure that the project can maintain a stable data communication operation.

Plant Factory Lab Team

Plant Factory Lab Team - Team Introduction

Light is an important ecological factor in plant growth. Different solar radiation spectra have different effects on photosynthesis, pigmentation, phototropism and morphological. Therefore, we can change the light quality intensity ratio and the illumination time period by our designed spectrum.

The VANQ Plant Lab was opened in 2011, which is mainly used for the research of various parameters of artificial light-filling schemes, data recording and results-based experimental transformation and application. Up till now, we have thousands of plant experiments, these build  a technical foundation for the production of various crops in plant factories.

LED Light Production Technology Team

LED Light Production Technology Team - Team Introduction

Products quality always affect the quality of a company. We have our R&D team to support us, we choose the best raw material and equipment. Besides, the production team also play a important roles in the process.

Lamp bead detection, chip inspection, cob lamp bead packager, encapsulation, accumulating ball spectrum proofreading, lens operation, quality inspection, lamp bead detection, lamp bead metering, lamp bead package, constant current device interface waterproof treatment…In order to provide high quality LED grow light, we treat every part seriously and be strict to the high quality production. Every lamp need to pass the over 24 hours aging test, to make sure every lamp is good enough to send out to our customers.

Technical Service Team

VANQ Technical Service Team can provide multiple customize solutions for every customer/ different situations. The team members are very knowledgeable, and definitely professional and experienced in this field.
The Team not only focuses on the VANQ products itself, but also committed to use our technology and best service and provide our customer the most advanced indoor fill light, thus bringing more benefits to customers.

liyong 1 - Team Introduction

Technical adviser

Cliff Lee

lilin - Team Introduction

Technical adviser

Fred Li

yangsibo - Team Introduction

Technical adviser

Joen Yang