The effective accumulated temperature of cannabis growth is 2400-3200 °C. Seedlings can withstand a frost of -5–3°C, and short-term low temperatures do not affect the growth of the seedlings. So some people would like to ask can I grow cannabis with LED grow lights? The answer is “Yes, you can do it”.

Cannabis sowing

Cannabis can be sown when the soil temperature at 5 cm below the surface in early spring is above 8 °C. Within 30 days after the emergence of the seedlings, no irrigation is needed, and LED grow lights are used to promote the roots.

growing cannabis with LED grow lights - Can I Use LED Grow  Lights Growing Cannabis?

Cannabis cultivation

According to the difference in the morphology of the female and male plants, the male seedlings can be preserved at the time of seedling fixation to improve the fiber quality, and the female seedlings are retained for seed collection.

The suitable temperature for cannabis growth is 19-23 °C. Hemp plants grow on average 3-5 cm per day and reach a peak of about 10 cm at the peak of growth.

At this time, it is resistant to atmospheric drought and is not resistant to soil drought. Therefore, continuous irrigation is started from the first month after emergence to maintain the maximum water holding capacity of about 80%.

Combined with early application of irrigation and re-application of quick-acting fertilizers, long stems can be promoted.

The density of seedlings varies according to the cultivation methods in different places. Generally, 80,000-150,000 seedlings per mu are planted in early-maturing varieties, and 30,000-50,000 seedlings of late-maturing varieties.

The new LED plant growth light we developed is currently on the market. It uses a double lens, which has enhanced penetrability and increased illumination. It is the ideal plant fill light for marijuana.

growing cannabis with LED grow lights 2 - Can I Use LED Grow  Lights Growing Cannabis?

Cannabis application range

Religion, spirituality:

Cannabis has a long history of application in religion and spirituality. Especially in India, it has been used by wandering saints for centuries.

Medical application:

Medically, marijuana is often used to assist in the treatment of certain advanced terminal illnesses (cancers, AIDS), to increase appetite, reduce pain, to relieve glaucoma and epilepsy, migraine and other neurological symptoms, as well as bipolar emotional instability, can be alleviated Nausea symptoms in chemotherapy patients.

Although medical marijuana is still politically controversial, doctors often recommend it informally to patients.


Cannabis cultivation, the bast fiber of this annual herb is also one of the earliest varieties of textile fiber.

It can be used as a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper, and medical supplies.

But in the traditional sense Hemp has been used as a fiber that can be used to make ropes. Until recently, the process of improving the fineness of hemp fiber has been developed, and the comfort of cannabis has been truly discovered.

Although cannabis is a poisonous plant, it produces a wide variety of drugs that can be made dependent on humans.

But as long as it is used correctly, I believe it will be of great benefit!

Some LED plant growth lights are currently produced specifically for the cultivation of cannabis. It has a high luminous intensity and strong penetrability and is the most suitable plant lamp for cannabis growth.

People are still obsessed with how to grow marijuana, how to use LED plant fill light for cannabis cultivation, and I hope you know more about it.

growing cannabis with LED grow lights 3 - Can I Use LED Grow  Lights Growing Cannabis?

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