Are you concerned on traditional less productive plant growth with soil, fed up with low yield, less productive, much dirt fertilize remains? What’s worse, grown crops are not healthy.

You cannot miss checking the new advanced growing tower indoor below, it is just the time we credit you with the Octagonal growing tower with happy/healthy grow.

new advanced growing tower indoor below 1 - Advantages of Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden

2019 hot sale Hexagon column hydroponic tower garden growing tower PVC grow system vertical growth system for vegetables in the greenhouse. More details please watch the YouTube video below:

The advantage of Octagonal column vertical hydroponic tower garden

Easy installation by manual

With 12 sets of growing units, each unit has 4 growing holes, it can grow almost all the wellness-promotion vegetables (amount up to 150 varieties: basil, lettuce, kale, spinach, strawberries, cucumber, eggplants, etc.) with exceptions are root crops—such as carrots and potatoes—grapevines, bushes and trees.

4 Times area of crops

Its highlighted advantage, grow 3 times area of crops as compared to the traditional soil-based plantation, with 3 times quicker growth. What’s more, it can be grown all year round, with hydroponics, nutrient indoor or open field greenhouse instead of traditional dirt fertilizers.

Kind Notice: The standard height is: 180cm, while the growing units with pot/holes are flexible, so the height is adjustable at the request of your real growth application.

High-resolution photos show for the spare units of this Octagonal growing tower:

new advanced growing tower indoor below 2 - Advantages of Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden
new advanced growing tower indoor below 3 - Advantages of Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden
new advanced growing tower indoor below 4 - Advantages of Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden

Notice: The growing nutrients are not included in this package. As you know, by either air or express, the fluid material is not allowed to be shipped. so we highly recommend you buy locally for less concern of cost. Of course, we are obliged to give you the advice to choose the right nutrient on the basis of the grown crops.

What’s important, it is equipped with electricity socket plug: EU, AU, US, South Africa, UK model, it is PLUG-AND-PLAY, you can choose the right PLUG model based on your electricity plug.

Last but not least, you are welcome to raise your concern on this product which has not been mentioned above, we are open to hearing your insightful ideas and suggestion.

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