Limited Years Warranty

VANQ products assure you at least 2 years warranty for the products since the date of purchase, with exception of the improper usage and manipulation on user’s side.

Return Policy

If the product was damaged and affected the normal use but it is non-serious problem,we will be returned for repairing; maintenance and courier borne by the customer.

VANQ offer free repairing service for the products which is broken and damaged in the case of correct operation. Customer also need to provide purchase invoice and return the product to us.

Please be noted free repairing service don’t apply for below circumstance:

  1. The product wasn’t used according to the product’s manual
  2. Artificial imposed quality problems
  3. Self-transformation cause failure of product

Please provide the pictures of the products which have quality problems by email ,we will do our best to help you solve the problem.