Dear client, it is now the new year of 2018, on behalf of VANQ, we would like to extend our best wishes to all of our friends and partners here, wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and best luck to your friends, families and beloved ones as well.

As you know, it is also close to Lunar Chinese New Year, and we will have family gathering as conventional. As the most essential part of our work each year, so before holiday, we are obliged to keep you informed about the holiday notice and production arrangement beforehand:

  • Holiday range: from 10th Feb., to 25th Feb., 2018
  • Orders made after 1st Feb., will extended to 23rd Feb., for successive production

At the meantime, we would also like to extend you information about purchase in March 2018.

We are together with you for SUPER MARCH PURCHASE in March 2018

  • Time factor: Conventionally, March in every year is the PEAK TIME for purchase, if you make some preparation for the coming March, and when we resume to office after Chinese Lunar New Year, you are able to make purchase without extra consideration. Since it takes about one and a half for purchase decision if big project required.
  • Price consideration: It is now still LUNAR YEAR 2017 in China, we have currently the price in 2017, while when we are back to office after holiday. It comes to Lunar year of 2018, the cost of raw material from our upper supplier will also change, and there will be some adjustment on our products rate, and if you have make preparation for purchase in March, we are obliged to apply same price in 2017 for you.
  • Supplier consideration: Are you satisfied with your current supplier, and if you desired for a much professional supplier for better service in 2018, it is time.

We are we are a 8 years of manufacturer and exporter in led grow light. Besides led grow lighting, we provide integrated growing supplies like growing pipes, growing towers. Thanks to 8 years of development, developed together with our partners. We feel proud that we have become an integrated solution provider for our growers and our company has been an one-stop vendor of their purchase choice SECOND TO NONE.

We feel proud of gaining so many valuable friends in this industry. Check out what our clients say about our company and products:

There is a saying goes, intelligent decision beforehand is better than being offered uncertain choice full of concern.

Thus it is advisable for you to make preparation for you project in the coming year.

Author: Overseas Sales in VANQ

Date: 17th Jan., 2018


Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co.,Ltd.