1. Full-spectrum plant growth lamp, is in accordance with the law of plant growth, simulated solar spectrum
2. In the greenhouse or plant laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.
3. Full spectrum of light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering, the results of the general indoor plant flowers, will grow over time with the growing, the main reason is the lack of adequate light, if the plant through the desired spectral exposure, not only Can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering, improve the quality of flowers and trees.
4. For large enterprises office hall plant flowers breeding, fill light is a big problem, the use of full-spectrum light fill light, can be resolved, but also play the role of landscape lighting, because the light source possess HIGH CRI, flowers and trees In the full spectrum of light under the bright colors, giving a pleasant feeling to eyes.

Full Spectrum have two models: 400-840nm and 380-840nm

400-840nm without UV

20170824183334 0076 - What is Full Spectrum?

Full Spectrum with UV

20170824183453 6751 - What is Full Spectrum?

They are seen in VANQLED led grow light bar version:

20170824183600 3765 - What is Full Spectrum?

They are seen in VANQLED led grow light cob version:

20170824183713 6739 - What is Full Spectrum?

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