The light used in the aquarium is called aquarium light, also known as water plant growth lights. The aquarium light is a kind of special lamp. According to the law of plant growth, it is necessary to use sunlight. Aquarium light is a kind of lamp that uses artificial light instead of sunlight to grow aquatic plants. At present, aquarium lights are mainly made of LED beads, also known as LED aquarium lights. We all know that light has many colors, so what color light is best for an aquarium?

white LED Aquarium lights with plants - Which Color LED Lights Good for Aquarium?

4 Different colors of aquarium light have different effects

1.  White LED Aquarium Light

White aquarium lights are also called full spectrum LED lights.

The LED aquarium light emits super white light, make the water body transparent and clear, and the color of the water grass is realistic.

At the same time, it can promote the photosynthesis of the water grass and promote the growth and development of the water grass.

It has a good effect on green water plants and is suitable for the growth of aquatic plants with water depths below 50~1500px. Some lights are like sunlight, suitable for all kinds of aquatic plants and fish.

It has strong light osmosis and exudation, which makes the fish color more vivid and bright, and is mainly used to provide the best illumination for aquarium and aquarium landscapes and ornamental fish.

2. Red LED Aquarium Light

Red light can promote the healthy growth of fish, the color is bright, the fish body is fresh, the water body is transparent and clear, and the effect on redfish is better. It is especially suitable for the lighting of red goldfish, colorful fairy, blood parrot and other fish species.

led aquarium light with fish - Which Color LED Lights Good for Aquarium?

3. Blue LED Aquarium Light

Using the blue LED aquarium light to illuminate the water, the watercolor is blue, as clear and realistic as sea water.

It is especially suitable for corals, duck billfish, shrimp and other organisms.

It can promote the absorption of coral calcium and synthesize vitamin D3 to make it grow healthily and brightly.

Blue, can help to synthesize vitamin D3 and promote the absorption of coral calcium. Make corals grow brightly.

4. Multi-color LED aquarium light

The combination of medium and low color temperature LED aquarium light, can make the lamp emit soft, reddish, high brightness, and promote the growth and development of deepwater plants.

After using this light, the water of various colors is realistic, the branches are thick and strong, and the mixed water tank is more suitable.

It is especially suitable for red and green mixed water plants. It has a good effect on red water plants.

It is more suitable for water grass tanks with water depths below 50~1500px, and the effect is better. The light has a high color rendering index.

After the fish is illuminated by the light, the fish of various colors are more realistic, lively and lovely. Provides excellent results for ornamental fish.

The lights used in aquaculture are all mimicking the natural light of the sun, promoting the synthesis of chlorophyll, and realizing the body color of aquatic plants and tropical fish, making the aquarium the most ornamental.

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