The quality of solid crystal effect the lifetime of LED grow lights. So we have to make sure that every step is not wrong when we are producing. Below we summarize 5 possible mistakes.

high power LED grow light 1000w - 5 Reason Why LED Grow Lights Solid Crystal Quality Not Good

Problems with production materials

1. Chip: mainly reflected in solder pad contamination, chip damage, chip size, chip tilt and so on.

Preparatory measures: Strictly control feed testing and identify issues that require supplier improvement.

2. Bracket: mainly reflected in the bracket size and C size deviation is too large, the bracket color rust, bracket deformation and so on.

Bad incoming materials are all suppliers’ problems, and suppliers should be notified to improve and strictly control the feed.

3. Silver glue: mainly reflected in the difference in viscosity of silver glue, service life, storage conditions, and thawing conditions do not meet the actual standards.

From the point of view of the viscosity of silver paste, there is generally not much problem after engineering evaluation, but this does not mean that silver glue is the best. If a bad result is found, the project can be notified for further evaluation. However, the remaining service life, storage conditions, thawing conditions, etc. are all manually controlled. As long as the SOP operation is strictly followed, there are generally not many problems.

Human error

1. Illegal operation by the operator: for example, without gloves, the silver glue is taken out of the refrigerator and goes online without thawing. The operator does not operate according to the SOP, or the machine is not skilled, which will affect the quality of the solid crystal.

Preparation measures: the foreman strengthens the management, the operators work according to the SOP, the quality assurance personnel strengthen the audit, strengthen the educational practice for the unskilled mechanical personnel, and do not allow the formal entry of the non-entry certificate.

2. Improper adjustment of maintenance personnel: the countermeasure is to improve the technical level. For example, crystal height, solid crystal height, thimble height, some delay time settings, motor parameters, table parameters, etc., need to be adjusted to the best according to the standard.

LED grow lights beads - 5 Reason Why LED Grow Lights Solid Crystal Quality Not Good

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