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Who we are is defined by what we do, what we do is defined by what we believe

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Who we are

Established in 2009, VANQ started as an LED encapsulation factory at the very beginning which is also why we are capable of flexible customization of various spectra.

Since 2010, we have dedicated our core business into horticulture lighting solutions, and established our own agronomy laboratory to support product refinement.

During the past 10 years, we are so proud of working with hundreds of professional growers around the world, and also growing together along the journey.

Our horticulture lighting solutions mainly serve in four areas, medicinal cannabis cultivation, vertical farming, greenhouse supplemental lighting, and tissue culture.

What we believe

The globalization of market has brought countless opportunities for doing business.

At the same time, because of the difficulty in enforcement of international business regulations, international business activities have also brought numerous risks to the players.

We believe that business is not all about only money but more about winning respect and trust by delivering truly long-term value to our customers which leads the self-accomplishment that more than money can buy.

That’s why we only promise what we can do, and always try best to fulfill what we promise. Because trust is not undermined by true “no”, but by phoney “yes”.

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Our team

Only the right people can do the right things, all the products and service are actual the reflection of the people behind.

With this core value of team building, we VANQ have a very colorful team which includes a bunch of tech nerds who are always on the way of polishing the products to a higher standard and a vibrant squad of business development veterans which have a deep understanding not only of horticulture industry but also of international business culture and rules.

By the way, we are always open to new blood who is passionate about the horticulture industry, if you are the right one, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to vanqled@vanqled.com.