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VANQ symbolizes Higher Efficiency

  • VANQ long term strategic cooperation with Agricultural University of China
  • VANQ do strict control from research to production for products
  • VANQ is now credited with 59 Patent and technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, China
  • VANQ LED grow light and agricultural devices are widely used in more than 1000 cases around the world

Products with lifetime warranty

Free repair within warranty 3 years with optional renewable service

Waterproof LED grow tube HI-PAR 030

Hi PAR 030 Led Grow Light - Home
  • Applicable to multi-layer shelf tissue culture plant lighting application
  • Compact design driver constant current, high quality, isolated, stable and excellent working performance guaranteed, to make the best use of the LEDS efficiency
  • Utilization of high thermal management housing, with elegant craftmanship design.

HI-PAR 600 outperform than HPS

  • Exclusive heat management and system, to make the best use of the LED efficiency, stable working performance guaranteed
  • Less power consumption hal of the HPS, more yield generated with cool and eco-friendly LED emitting diodes
  • Individual driver modular design for each LED source, best use of the LED efficiency with stable driver.
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Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous, Date: 2016.10 / Country: USA

  • VANQ chips last MUCH longer.VANQ chips are TRUE LED products unlike other cheap imposters.
  • Ms.Wu,I received my chips yesterday.It takes one or two weeks to arrive in the mail from China to United States.
  • I have purchased the exact same VANQ chips several times before.
  • This is why I choose to buy from VANQ.
  • Your chips are superior quality compared to any other full spectrum chips I have tested and used.
  • ALL other chips from OTHER suppliers have OVERHEATED regardless of my best attempts to cool them.
  • VANQ chips do cost extra money. However VANQ chips are SUPERIOR.
  • They produce more usable light and with the proper heat sinks and cooling.
  • VANQ chips last MUCH longer.VANQ chips are TRUE LED products unlike other cheap imposters.
  • Thank you for your SUPERIOR product.

Anonymous, Date:2015.3 / Country:Spain

  • They are ending a full crop now
  • Hi Fred! They are ending a full crop now, my first impression is good.
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