GLMX Series

Wattage:  720W

Light Source:  Samsung, Osram, Sanan

Spectrum:  Full spectrum with IR

PPE(efficacy):  2.7-3.1 μmol/J

PPF:  1940-2230 μmol/s

Warranty:  5 years

GLTW Series

Wattage: 50W

Light Source: Samsung, Osram

Spectrum: Standard or Custom

PPE(efficacy): 2.7μmol/J(standard spectrum)

PPF: 135 μmol/s

Warranty: 2 years

GLT8 Series

Wattage: 20W

Light Source: Samsung, Osram

Spectrum: Standard or Custom

PPE(efficacy): 2.7μmol/J(standard spectrum)

PPF: 54 μmol/s

Warranty: 1 year

Reason to buy from VANQ LED

The lowest price

Lowest Price

All our LED grow lights and LED grow light controllers are designed and manufactured by our own factories in Shenzhen, China. We guarantee the best possible prices for all of our customers around the world, with no compromise on the quality.

high quality

High Quality

We only choose the quality-approved and well-known brands as our raw material suppliers, this is the best way to secure the products quality with no default from the very beginning. LED chips come from top international manufacturers including SAMSUNG, OSRAM, SANAN, etc. LED drivers come from MEANWELL, INVENTRONICS, SOSEN, etc.

fast shipments

Fast Shipping

For our standard models, we keep regular stock at warehouse in Shenzhen, LA of USA, Czech of Europe, we can ship within 7 days from those warehouse directly. For bulk orders beyond our warehouse stock quantity, we have raw material stock always for quick response to initiate production, and deliver up to 6000 units of high power LED grow lights within 30 days.

5-year warranty

Up to 5 Years Warranty

We provide up to 5 years full warranty for both commercial and home growers around the world, with free replacement and repairing service.

custom made


With 12 years manufacturing experience in horticultural lighting products, we offer comprehensive OEM and ODM service to quality customers around the world. Our capability from R&D to Pilot Production and Massive Production of all types of horticultural lighting products has been proved by hundreds of customers with custom requirements.



We offer all kinds of certificates for our own LED grow lights to meet the various requirements of different countries. We are also able to support customer to get full certification for custom products of either OEM or ODM products.



With 12 years focusing on horticultural lighting industry, VANQ has developed into one of the leading players in this industry. Technical innovation has always been the core part of our value. Now we have overall 200+ people in this VANQ family, with 40+ R&D engineers of combining more than 200 years experience in plant science, hardware development, system integration, control software development, etc.


Our 20000sqm factory with 8 production and assembly lines is able to output up to 15000 units of of all models of LED grow lights combined per month.

OEM ODM 12 Years Experience

With a strong product research and development capability and 12 years experience in horticultural lighting industry, we understand that plant science is far more complicated than conventional home or commercial lighting. Therefore we also offer OEM and ODM service for customer who require specific products for their research or commercial growing applications. From product hardware structure to spectrum configuration, and control system, we offer the leading customization service in a manner of developing products with customer together.

Own Cultivation Laboratory

Since 2012, we have established our own cultivation laboratory for product development as well as spectrum analysis, over the past 9 years, we have run experiments on 100+ categories of plants with 50+ spectral combinations. With all these data, we can offer turn-key lighting solution for customers of various type of plants cultivation.

Why Choose LED Grow Light For Your Plants?

There are three major light source technologies: incandescence (incandescent lamp), electrical discharge (fluorescent, HID), and solid state light sources (LED, OLED). The first two are known as “legacy” technologies, and the third is considered as modern technologies. All of the three technologies have been used in horticultural lighting solutions. But by now, after tens of years of technological improvement and cost reduction, LED outperforms in every respect compared with other artificial lighting systems for crop production.

High Light and Low Heat Output

LED lighting systems can produce very high light levels (well in excess of full sunlight if desired) with much less power consumption than HPS systems. The typical LED grow lights efficacy is about 2.5-3.0 µmol/J, the comparative HPS efficacy is only about 1.5-1.7 µmol/J. This means you can get the same PPFD level with up to 50% less energy consumption which also produces 50% less of heat according to the law of thermodynamics.


So when you use LED grow lights for your indoor gardening, even at high light outputs, they can be operated in close proximity to plant tissue because they have very little radiant heat output when cooled properly. Operating close to the canopy allows most of the light produced to be intercepted by the plant, improving the use efficiency of the lighting system. Moreover, the low heat generation characteristics of LED grow lights also considerably reduce your investment in HVAC system of your growing facilities.

Long Lifetime, 5 Times Longer Than HPS

LEDs have a very long operating life; New LED technologies are rated as maintaining 70% of their original luminous output after 100,000 h or even more, and this is probably a conservative number as long as the devices are cooled adequately. The longer lifetime of LEDs also contributes largely to the long term cost-saving in addition to the high energy efficiency. Because of their long operational life, procurement and disposal costs for replacement bulbs is mostly eliminated along with associated labor costs. In comparison, the best HID light sources such as HPS, MH have an average life time of only 20,000 h. VANQ LED grow lights are made of LED chips from top manufacturers in this industry, such as  Osram, Samsung, Bridgelux and Epileds, etc. The expected lifetime of our LED grow lights are 10 years.

Energy Efficient and Cost Saving

LEDs have the potential for significant cost savings over current horticultural lamp types, such as HPS. LED grow light is able to provide two times more light output for the same watt of input power of a HPS grow light. This means that you only need to pay half of the electricity bill of HPS lighting solution to get the same amount of PPF output with an LED lighting system. The unique capabilities of LEDs can also significantly reduce power use over existing lamp types through the ability to operate in close proximity to plant tissue, the ability to optimize the light spectrum for productivity, and advanced control capabilities that allow optimization of lighting patterns.

Variable Spectral Composition and Dimmable Light Output

One is the ability to control the spectral output of the lighting system, something not easily done with broad spectrum sources, such as fluorescent, HPS. The spectral output of an LED lighting system can be matched to plant photoreceptors and optimized to provide maximum production without wasting energy on nonproductive wavelengths. The ability to dynamically control the spectral output can also be used to influence plant morphology. Spectra can be customized for specific crops or production protocols and the output even modified over the course of a photoperiod or growth cycle, such as sunrise and sunset simulations can be programmed. Special lighting modes might possibly even be used to enhance disease or injury visualization.


Because they are solid-state devices, LEDs are easily integrated into digital control systems. This allows complex control options not generally available with other light sources. LEDs can be continuously dimmed between zero and maximum. This feature makes it uniquely energy-efficient in different growth stages of crop which require different PPFD levels, such as the cloning stage, vegetative stage, flowering stage of cannabis cultivation.


LEDs do not contain mercury that needs to be disposed of and do not have high surface temperatures that can cause injury, making LEDs the safest horticultural lighting solution for any home, commercial growing facility, or greenhouse.