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600W COB LED grow light tailor-made for commercial cannabis cultivation

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40W waterproof LED grow light for vertical farming

Spectrum refinement with 10 years cultivation

When it comes to grow light, spectrum is one of the most important factors that determine the final yield. Over the long history of our planet, the mighty mother nature has developed more than tens of thousands of plant species. Each of them is equipped with their own unique genetic code which includes the delicate response to light of different wavelength. Even in the limited number of crop species, the light response is different, let alone the myriad hybrid species which have been artificially developed by human beings. There is certainly no the perfect spectrum for specific crop strains, but more suitable spectrum definitely can bring a better result and optimize the energy efficiency. In order to tune the more effective spectrum to match various demand of different plants, from 2010 we have established our own agronomy laboratory for spectrum analysis and test.

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What Is The Difference Between Several Main Horticultural Lighting Technology LED And Others

There are three major light source technologies: incandescence (incandescent lamp), an electrical discharge (fluorescent, HID), and solid-state light sources (LED, OLED). The first and two are known as “legacy” technologies, and the third is considered as modern technologies. In order to choose the best light source for plant growth, it is necessary to understand the […]

The Relationship Of Light And Plant Growing

Light is the basic environmental factor for plant growth and development. It is not only the basic energy source of photosynthesis but also an important regulator of plant growth and development. The growth and development of plants are not only restricted by the amount of light or light intensity (photon flux density, PFD) but also […]

Lighting In Cannabis Cultivation: HPS Vs LED

The HPS lights, high sodium pressure, have been the most used until today in the cultivation of indoor cannabis. However, with the cost of LED going down and technology of LED improving, growers are growing more with the new LED lights and therefore the LED horticultural lighting industry is expanding rapidly. In this article we want to put […]