Wind Type Insecticidal Lamp Solar Model

The solar version of the wind type insecticidal lamp is an efficient and environmentally friendly farmland pest management tool. It uses light-sensing control technology to achieve intelligent switching between day and night. And it uses 365nm+395nm multi-spectrum to effectively trap various pests. Equipped with high power to enhance fluke efficiency. Monocrystalline solar panels ensure high energy conversion, reduce pesticide residues, and improve crop quality. The LED indicator light displays the working status in real time, and the combination of 25AH lithium battery and 50W photovoltaic panel ensures a battery life of up to 26 hours, easily coping with continuous rain.

Light sensor switch

Automatic lighting at night time

365+395nm light source

Trapping various pests

High power fan

Outstanding efficiency


Better quality and yield

High efficiency

2.1 times trapping effect

26 hours standby time

25Ah Li-battery & 50W photovoltaic panel

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Product advantage

Advantages of VQ-IKLT-015ES Insecticidal Lamp

Light sensing control:

The device is on standby during the day and automatically starts at night to realize the sunlight intensity control working mode.

Multi-spectral trapping:

Using 365nm+395nm wavelength, it can trap multiple types of pests at the same time.

Efficient energy:

Using monocrystalline solar panels, the conversion rate is high and environmentally friendly.

Improve quality: 

Reduce pesticide residues and improve crop yield and quality.

Trapping improvement:

Not affected by the size of the insect body, the trapping effect is increased by 2.1 times.

Long-lasting battery life:

Equipped with 25AH lithium battery and 50W photovoltaic panel, the battery life is up to 26 hours, suitable for continuous rainy weather.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

IP Rating: 


Product Dimensions:

256L x 256W x 430H(mm)

Working Temperature: 

10°C ~ 60°C | 50°F ~ 140°F

Rated Input Voltage:


Total Power:


Trapping Light Source:

led light

Lamp Head Specifications: 


Light Source Working Voltage:


Light Source Power: 


Fan Type:

waterproof fan

Fan Specifications:


Number of Fans:


Fan Power:


Air Volume:


Net Weight:


Product Size&List



Application scenarios


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I have plants in my house that like moist soil. Well, that has created a gnat heaven so to speak.Within literal seconds of placing one of these on the pot the gnats were instantly getting stuck on it. I even had a house fly get stuck on one. This has dramatically reduced the gnat population in my plants and I couldn't be happier. Great price, great product!!!
D .Smith
It was placed in the garden and endured heavy rain and wind, working literally around the clock (mostly at night) to rid the garden of all kinds of plant-killing, biting insects, including beetles, flies, mosquitoes and bed bugs. It's nice to come across a product that doesn't disappoint.
This is exactly what | want. It rained a lot this year and there were more bugs. A few seconds after opening it, the equipment works immediately. Dutifully. So glad | got this. The light is nice and bright. Easy to clean and empty. Affordable. highly recommended.
Berkley hanson