VQ-SV3B1 3-channel dimming slave controller

VQ-SV3B1 Dimming Slave Controller is a 3-channel wired knob dimmer. It can achieve wireless cascading with the host. It is simple to operate and convenient to use, making plant lighting adjustment easier and more efficient.

3-channel dimming

precise lighting

Dimming function

continuous gears

Unlimited cascade

unlimited number

Easy operation

knob operation

Cooperate with the host

work together

Ease of use

easy to get started

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-SV3B1 3-channel dimming slave controller

1.PWM dimming: continuous level dimming.

2. Unlimited cascading: Break the limit on the number of connections.

3. Simple operation: turn the knob to control the light easily.

4. 3-channel independent dimming 

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V-200mA DC

Output signal:


Output channels:

1-4 channels (optional)

Signal output interface:


Product dimensions:


Number of cascades:


Signal input: 


Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Connection Mode :

When the No.2 dimmer is directly adjusted, all the dimmers connected behind No.2 dimmer are controlled, and No. 1 dimmers are not controlled at this time.


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I'm impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the VQ-SV3B1. It not only makes dimming effortless but also supports my plant growth with precise light control.
James Carter
With the VQ-SV3B1, I can set different lighting intensities for different plant species, which is ideal for professional plant growers who need detailed control over their lighting environment.
Sarah Bennett
The cascading feature of this controller is amazing, allowing me to expand indefinitely according to the size of my greenhouse without worrying about the number of controllers.
Matthew Lee