Since its establishment in 2009, THEONEGROW(Brands of VANQ Technology) has always been at the technological forefront of smart agriculture, concentrating on creating cutting-edge plant lighting solutions for a variety of industries. We are not only a product provider, but also an explorer and pioneer in the field of smart agriculture.

We are well aware of the various pain points and problems faced in cultivation, therefore we bring market-leading cannabis grow lights, hydroponics grow lights, and advanced control systems to growers. And also we have plant growth protection products and accessories for choice, we can provide one-stop-shopping solution to smart cultivation.

THEONEGROW is always customer-focused, and whether you're struggling in the field of cannabis cultivation, plant factories, container growing, or hydroponic growing, we have well-prepared, innovative, and holistic solution strategies to help you overcome every challenge in growing.


At THEONEGROW, our mission is to use our expertise and technological innovation to provide efficient and sustainable growing solutions to agricultural producers around the world. Our goal is to make smart agriculture more accessible, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly through our efforts.

We are committed to continuous research and development to introduce more products that can help growers improve the quality and quantity of their crops. We believe that we can help agricultural producers around the world achieve more sustainable growing methods through the power of smart technology.


Customer-oriented customized services

THEONEGROW understands that every customer has unique needs. Faced with the challenges of growing cannabis or hydroponic systems, our team of experts will work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your crops and environment to customize a solution. Our goal is to provide your crops with the best growing conditions for maximum yield and quality at minimal cost.

Cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation

As a pioneer in smart agricultural solutions, THEONEGROW continues to innovate not only in the field of LED technology. We integrate sensor technology, intelligent control systems and plant growth protection products to continue to advance agricultural science and technology. These integrated solutions aim to automate management and increase crop yields and efficiency.

Professional quality assurance and meticulous after-sales service

When you choose THEONEGROW, you not only get the most advanced plant growing lights in the industry, but also enjoy our comprehensive after-sales service. We offer a warranty on all our products to ensure your investment is protected. If you have any problems during use, our professional after-sales team will respond quickly to provide necessary support and solutions.