VQ-SIA1D1 Bluetooth APP + manual dimming controller

VQ-SIA1D1 Bluetooth APP+ Manual Dimming Controller is a single-channel wireless knob-type dimmer that can realize multiple dimming methods of local knob, local wireless and remote wireless. Easy to install, supports individual or group dimming.

Dimming mode

Bluetooth + manual

Stable connection

within 30 meters

Knob precise control

four levels of dimming

Easy to install

get started quickly

Remote control

with gateway

Timing function

multi-stage timing

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-SIA1D1 Bluetooth APP + manual dimming controller

1. Single-channel local wireless knob controller, stable control distance of 30 meters by mobile phone.

2. The light can be dimmed directly with the knob, with four levels of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. 

3. APP LAN + local manual control, remote control requires a WIFI gateway.

4. APP multi-stage timing dimming.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V-200mA DC

Output signal:


Output channels:

1-4 channels (optional)

Signal output interface:

three-core connecting cable.

Product dimensions:


Number of cascades:


Optional accessories: 

gateway, timer

Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Pure wireless connection, mobile APP control, overall control, group control, fixed-point control, no need master control

(Optional) Bluetooth timer, automatically saves timing parameters when power is off, and can set 40 groups of timing parameters

(Optional) Gateway automatic networking, enabling remote control and server timing

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The multi-stage timing function of the VQ-SA1D1 is the most intuitive and easiest to set that I've come across. It allows my plants to receive the ideal amount of light effortlessly.
Emma Brown
I appreciate the stable Bluetooth connection of this controller. No matter where I am in my house, I can easily control my grow lights. Plus, the installation is straightforward without the need for any extra tools.
The VQ-SA1D1 controller’s four dimming levels are great for fine-tuning the lighting, allowing me to tailor light intensity to the specific needs of my plants
Rebecca Schmidt