3' x 3'Grow tent

In this fast-paced era, our grow tents provide you with an ideal green independent space to provide the best growing environment for your plants. Using an efficient reflective design of environmentally friendly PEVA plastic composite aluminum film, our tents can maximize the effect of grow lights, significantly improve light energy utilization, and accelerate the growth process of plants. Durability is also our focus, so we choose 600D Oxford as the outer material, combined with a sturdy steel frame design to ensure long-term and stable use. In addition, our tents have an efficient ventilation system, including double-layer vents and customizable ventilation sizes (from 3 inches to 11 inches), coupled with breathable screens, which not only prevent insects and mosquitoes, but also maintain good air circulation. At the same time, we can provide a variety of tent sizes, from 12*12*24inch to 144*144*92inch.
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent

Efficient reflective

environmentally friendly PEVA aluminum film to improve light efficiency.

Durable Construction

600D Oxford fabric, sturdy steel frame.

Easy installation

quick to set up and easy to maintain

Various sizes

Various specifications, flexible choice

Premium ventilation

Double layer vents, custom sizes


Environmentally friendly plastic transparent window for easy observation

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Product advantage
Specification Parameter
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Product advantage

Advantages of Grow tent 3' x 3'

Efficient reflective design:

 Use environmentally friendly PEVA plastic composite aluminum film with ultra-high reflectivity to maximize the effect of the grow light, improve light energy utilization, and accelerate plant growth.

Durable Construction: 

Constructed with heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth outer for added durability. Combined with a sturdy steel frame, it ensures long-term, stable use.

High-quality ventilation system:

equipped with double-layer vents and customizable ventilation sizes (3 inches to 11 inches), breathable screen windows to prevent insects and mosquitoes, and maintain good air circulation.

User-friendly features:
It is equipped with an environmentally friendly plastic see-through window, and the outer layer is covered with Velcro + fabric to facilitate observation of plant growth. At the same time, it adopts high-quality zippers that are smooth and easy to pull, making it easy to operate.

Easy installation and maintenance:
Designed with easy installation and maintenance in mind, the planting environment can be quickly set up and easily maintained.

Support customization:
Customizable iron pipe specifications and colors - provide a variety of specifications such as 0.6mm/0.8mm*16mm/19mm, as well as white paint or other color paint to meet individual needs.

Diversified sizes: 

various sizes, 90x90x180cm (36*36*72INCH), 150x150x200cm (60*60*80INCH), etc., there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

Dual Purpose: 

The carbon filter can be used with an inline duct fan in either an intake or exhaust configuration.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Tent size:

90x90x180cm (3' x 3' x 6')

Packing weight:



arc door


litchi pattern

Iron pipe: 

16MM (diameter)/0.8MM (thickness)

External material:

600D Oxford 

Interior material:

PEVA plastic composite aluminum film

Air duct quantity: 

1 pcs

Air duct material:

double-sided aluminum foil

Air duct length: 

10 meters

Filter quantity:

1 pcs

Filter height: 

4 inches

Number of fans: 


Filter and fan diameter: 

4 inches

Filter filling material: 

 activated carbon

Related accessories: 

 Thermohygrometer, Timer, Planting bag, Fan

Product Size

Product Size


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Grow light recommendations

Our grow tents feature reflective linings to maximize light utilization while being easy to install and move to fit a variety of space sizes. Combined with our LED cannabis grow lights, they not only provide full-spectrum lighting and simulate changes in natural light, but also significantly reduce energy consumption and extend service life.

Not only does this fit give your cannabis plants an ideal space to control and simulate their natural growing environment, it also helps you precisely control temperature, humidity, and light hours to promote healthy plant growth and increase yields.

LED grow light recommendations:VQ-GLOC400X06/VQ-GLMA400/VQ-GLMA200


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The double-layer venting in this tent is a lifesaver for controlling the climate. It’s user-friendly with a clear plastic window, making it easy to monitor my growing plant without disturbing them.
Sturdy and efficient! The 600D Oxford cloth and steel frame make it feel secure, and I love how easy it is to maintain. Plus, the size options meant I found the perfect fit for my space.
This 3'x3' grow tent with its eco-friendly PEVA aluminum film really amps up the light inside. Super easy to set up and the viewing window is a plus for quick checks on my plants!