VQ-MVG4B2 Wired Master Controller

VQ-MVG4B2 Wired Master Controller is a fully functional master control device with built-in monitoring sensors and associated execution equipment. It supports the output of three dimming signals: PWM, 0-10V and RS485. It can also preset multiple spectral schemes to ensure that plants get the best light.

Dimming function

four-channel dual-channel dimming

Large screen operation

7 inches

Environmental monitoring

temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration

Simulate nature

sunrise and sunset

Lamp compatibility

supports a variety of lamps

Timing dimming

supports multiple time periods

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-MVG4B2 Wired Master Controller

1. 2-Garden 4-channel wired dimming, touch screen operation.

2. Optional environmental sensors: temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide 3-in 1 sensor(Model No.: VQ-SA1B1) and light quantum sensor.

3. Multi-stage dimming value and environment execution equipment operation settings.

4. Temperature and humidity monitoring.

5. Sunrise and sunset settings.

6. Compatible to different types of lights, such as HPS, LEDs, etc.

7. Switchable 0-10V, PWM and digital output signals.

8. Pre-install different type spectrum, and you can choose spectral operation plans according to different crops.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V1A DC

Output signal:

0-10V PWM 485

Output channels:

2-garden 4 channels

Signal output interface:

RJ48 8P*4

Product dimensions:


Optional accessories:

3-in-1 sensor (Model No.: VQ-SA1B1), optical quantum sensor, smart socket (Model No.: VQ-PNPC1)

Equipment control: 



Temperature-Humidity-CO2-Light Quantum (optional)

Screen parameters: 

7-inch touch

Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram


1. The sensors in the picture are optional, not standard;

2. Only one output signal mode can be selected in the same area (for example, if RS485 is selected,

only the RS485 interface has signal output;


Product Category


The environmental monitoring function of this controller provides a stable growth environment for my plants, especially with its ability to monitor CO2 concentration, which is crucial for enhancing photosynthesis efficiency.
Lily James
The stability of the VQ-MVG4B2's wired control system is exceptional. Its four-channel timing allows me to precisely control the lighting for each growth stage, catering to the needs of different plants, which is perfect for my precision-managed greenhouse.
Tom Allen
Since using the VQ-MVG4B2, I've had a lot of flexibility in controlling my grow lights. It supports 1 to 4 channel independent control, meaning I can adjust the light intensity according to the different growth stages of my plants, and the interface is straightforward.
Aiden Paterson