VQ-MIG4B3 Wireless Master Controller

VQ-MIG4B3 Wireless Master Controller is a single-group 4-channel wireless host controller with remote control function. Its unique environmental monitoring function can sense temperature and humidity in real time and adjust the spectrum to ensure the best growth environment for plants.

Adjustable spectrum

4 channels

Remote control

with gateway

Timing dimming

precise settings

Environmental monitoring

temperature and humidity

Nature simulation

sunrise and sunset

Output signal


Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-MIG4B3 Wired Master Controller

1. Single-group 4-channel adjustable spectrum, touch screen operation.

2. Can be controlled locally and wirelessly, and equipped with a gateway for remote wireless control.

3. Multi-stage timing dimming.

4. Temperature and humidity monitoring.

5. Sunrise and sunset settings.

6. Switchable 0-10V and PWM output signals.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V1A DC. 

Output signal:

0-10V, PWM.

Output channels:

 4 channels.

Screen parameters:

4.3 inch Touch.

Signal output interface: 

RJ45 8P+RJ14 6P.


built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

Wireless control:

mobile APP. 

Product dimensions:


Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram


1. The sensor in the picture is an optional accessory, not standard; (The sensor is already built into the product, and an external sensor can only be selected if the controller and the position to be monitored are different)

2.RJ45 interface outputs four channel signals of CH1,CH2,CH3 and CH4;The RJ14interface can only output CH1 channel signals;

Product Connection Diagram.jpg

Product Category


The controller not only supports sunset and sunrise modes, but can also be used with my temperature and humidity sensor, which is great!
Sarah Connolly
The multi-channel control and touchscreen interface of VA-MIG4B3 have made managing plant lighting simpler than ever. Being able to monitor and adjust temperature and humidity is vital for keeping my plants healthy.
Tom Black
The VQ-MIG4B3 controller is one of the best devices I've ever used. Its multifunctionality and efficiency amaze me. I can control all connected fixtures remotely from my phone.which is perfect for my commercial cannabis cultivation.
Jessica Roberts