240W DIY LED Grow Light

The 240W cannabis seedling light is specially designed for commercial growers using vertical farming methods. It uses Samsung 281B+ white light and 660nm high-efficiency red light, combined with high-quality drivers to ensure high light efficiency. The driver UL CE certificated ensures safe use. IP65 waterproof level is suitable for humid environments. The aircraft aluminum material provides excellent heat dissipation, while the reflective strips with exclusive optical design ensure even light distribution. It also has the advantage of being customizable to fully meet your specific needs.

Samsung white LED

Efficacy up to 3.0μmol/J

Osram 660nm

Highly Efficient deep Red


UL CE listed Ensure Safety

Waterproof Design

Suitable for most environments

Aero Aluminum

Superior heat dissipation

Reflective Bar

Private Optical Design

Product Details

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Product advantage
Specification Parameter
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Luminaire Control
Product advantage

 Advantage for GLMX240

Specifically designed for seedlings:

This 240W special lamp for cannabis seedlings has been customized. It combines low power output with precisely adjusted PPFD, adding white light and 660nm deep red light to fully take care of the lighting needs of cannabis seedlings. Its efficient heat dissipation ensures an ideal temperature. Control to provide the most suitable growth conditions for seedlings.

Using top-grade white light LED:

Samsung white LEDs are used to continuously and evenly cover the PAR400-700nm growth spectrum.

Equipped with high light efficiency deep red LED:

It uses high-efficiency 660nm red LED to provide plants with an efficient deep red spectrum and promote plant growth.

Excellent cooling performance:

The heat dissipation area of the entire lamp is as high as 4593144 mm²/7199 in². The thermal conductivity of the radiator reaches 201-218 W/(mK), ensuring that the average temperature of the LED grow light remains below 50℃/122℉, with a longer service life and more efficiency.

IP65 waterproof design:

The light source of the lamp adopts a high-quality waterproof design, so that it can work stably even in high-humidity environments.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Light Source: 


Input Power:

240 Watt

Input Voltage: 



Full Spectrum+660nm red light

Typical PPF:

700 μmol/s


2.9 μmol/J

Working temperature:

-20℃~45℃  |-4°F ~ 113°F

Product weight: 

11 lbs (5 kg)

Beam angle:


IP Rating:

LED Bar IP65 


0-10V PWM resistor three-in-one dimming


over 50,000 hrs


3 years standard



The GLMX240 DIY LED lighting kit enables growers to decide their own lights density according to specific project requirements.


Product Size&List



Packing List


Packing Details


Packing Carton Model:

1 Unit/Carton

Carton Size:

1200mm L X 410mm W X 200mm H

47.24″ L X 16.1″ W X 7.87″ H

Gross Weight:


Luminaire Control

0-10V Dimmable

More about dimming controller


With VQ-VD100 0-10V dimming controller, up to 50 units of GLMX240 can be controlled together in a daisy chain connection.


PPFD Distribution

- based on GLMX240


Full Spectrum for VEG & BLOOM

GLMX series full spectrum LED grow lights use some of the best horticulture LED diodes on the market from the top suppliers. In order to enhance the power output of of the area plants need the most, we have used much more Red and Blue high power LED diodes than most competitors on the market. At the same time, the overall spectrum balanced with all colors mixed make sure the plants receive all the wavelength to grow faster and stronger, as well as yield much more flower. FSCV with high power in blue is intended to grow plants in a more compact way which is essential for vertical farming with limited vertical space, while FSCH with fewer blue and enhanced power in red and infrared is ideal for growing plants in a traditional indoor single-level grow room with more vertical space for plants to grow bigger and yield more flowers.


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This light has extruded aluminum bars that feel and use samsung diodes like the higher priced lights. It's dimmable and linkable. The efficacy is right there with the best of the best at 2.75 umols. It's really amazing how much the prices have come down on a bar style light like thi
Sasha happyfox
Light easily assembled in minutes. Seems well built. The driver does get relatively hot so I recomend a small fan pointed in that direction. Very bright and has a great footprint,
Crazy Craze
These are great lights I did a DIY grow light stand and used these lights. It was so easy to install and put together. I would recommend to family and friends.