Cannabis Grow Lights

Cannabis Grow Lights
1600W Cannabis Grow Light
Foldable 1600W Cannabis Grow Light
1200W Cannabis Grow Light
Foldable 1200W Cannabis Grow Light
Adopt PC lens with high light transmittance
500W Top grow light
Full spectrum design to promote plant growth
600W Top grow light
640Watt LED Grow Light
640Watt Foldable LED Grow Light
Detachable 400Watt LED Grow Light
400W Cannabis Grow Light Unique Waterproof Design
200Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Professional Optical Design 200W Cannabis Seedling Light
400Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
400W Cannabis Grow Samsung LED
Greenhouse Waterproof LED 800W Grow Light
800W Cannabis Grow Light 1:1 Replacement 1000W HPS
240W Cannabis Seedling Light
240W DIY LED Grow Light

Plant Factory Lights

Plant Factory Lights
up to 20 devices can be connected continuously.
25W tissue culture light waterproof design
Provide personalized spectrum according to customer needs
25W seedling grow light efficient heat dissipation design
20 units connected easy for large-scale use
20W tissue culture light supports length customization
specially designed for seedling planting
20W seedling grow light i65 waterproof design
Waterproof 50W seedling grow light
50W seedling grow light professional optical design
20W T8 LED Grow Tube light IP65 Waterproof
20W leafy vegetable grow light with IP65 waterproof design

Control System

Control System
Sunrise and sunset settings
VQ-MIG4B3 Wireless Master Controller
7-inch large screen operation
VQ-MVG4B2 Wired Master Controller
Can be infinitely cascaded from master to slave
VQ-MVE1B1 C-terminal External Display Master Controller
Precise timing dimming
VQ-MV3001 Wired Master Controller
Test the ambient temperature, humidity, CO2
VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor
Test the ambient temperature and humidity in real time
VQ-PWS2 Temperature and humidity sensors
Group timing
VQ-GD0B1 WIFI gateway
Connect existing devices and group devices in the APP
VQ-GA0B1 Bluetooth gateway
Can control multiple devices
VQ-PNPC1 Smart Socket
APP multi-stage timing dimming
VQ-SIA1B1 Bluetooth APP dimming controller
The interface is simple and easy to understand
VQ-MI2820 Wireless Master Controller
Multi-level stepless manual knob dimming.
VQ-MIQ1B1 Manual Knob + APP Master Controller

Plant Growth Protection

Plant Growth Protection
Insecticidal Lamp Commercial Model
Wind Type Insecticidal Lamp Commercial Model
Insecticidal Lamp Solar Model
Wind Type Insecticidal Lamp Solar Model

Ancillary products

Ancillary products
Efficient grow rack
Grow Rack
Solid structure and easy installation
5' x 5' Grow tent
Efficient grow tent
3' x 3'Grow tent