VQ-VD500 Dimming Controller

VQ-VD500 Dimmer is a 2-group independent timing dimmer with a simple design interface and intuitive operation. The dimming settings can be easily completed without complicated steps. Equipped with waterproof connectors to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Precise dimming

within 0-10V range

Timer Function

precise control of brightness

Sunrise Sunset

sunrise and sunset effects

Timing continues

no interruption when shutting down

Group operation

independent dimming timing

Operational safety

waterproof design

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-VD500 Dimming Controller

1.0-10V dimming: signal accuracy is ±3%.

2. System timing: the system time won't be interrupted when shut down.

3. Timing dimming.

4. 2-Group dimming: support to be dimmed separately.

5. Sunrise and sunset mode: default 15 minutes sunrise before the timer begins and 15 minutes sunset before the timer ends.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power adapter specifications:

Chinese standard, European standard

Dimming wire:

waterproof female 2-pin plug

Input voltage:

AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Input Current:

Max 1A

Output Accuracy:


Power adapter plug:


Product Connection Diagram

Daisy Chain Connection

One VQ-VD500 controller is able to control up to 300 units of light fixtures in a daisy chain connection.


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Able to control two rooms of light with one controller now that's simple easy to use Easy to install
phasouk phomsaly
"I’m installing now my new VD500 controller. In fact, I’ve ordered a second controller just for more centralized control of my room. Thanks VANQ!"
Love everything about this it’s super easy to install and has so many awesome features it’s impossible to be disappointed
L Baker