Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light

The 800W cannabis light is equipped with Samsung white light and 60nm high-efficiency red light, and the driver is UL CE certified to ensure safety.The waterproof design makes it suitable for a variety of environments. Excellent heat dissipation performance and a private optical design deliver superior results for commercial growers while allowing for customization to meet all your needs.
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light
Supports Foldable Design 800W Cannabis Grow Light

Samsung white LED

light efficiency reaches 3.0umol/J

Osram 660nm

Most Efficient Deep Red

Folding design

easy to carry and flexible

Waterproof Design

Suitable for most environments

Aero aluminum

Superior heat dissipation

Reflective Bar

Unique Optical Design

Product Details

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Product advantage
Specification Parameter
Hanging Heights
Product Size&List
Luminaire Control
Product advantage

Advantage for VQ-GLOC800A08

Top LED chips: 

The 800W cannabis grow light uses Samsung white LED and high-efficiency red light to achieve the best performance of lighting.

High light efficiency output: 

The total light output is as high as 2.9µmol/J and 2320µmol/s. This high efficiency from electricity to light not only saves your electricity bill, but also increases production at the same time.

Cannabis specific spectrum: 

This full-spectrum cannabis grow light combines white light with 660nm red light and is designed for the entire growth cycle of your plants. Not only does it support healthy plant development during the early stages of growth, it also helps achieve high yields during the flowering stage.

Uniform light distribution: 

The 800W cannabis grow light consists of 8 LED bars of 100 watts each, providing a more even light distribution in a 5ft x 5ft grow tent. The entire light is foldable and can be easily fixed with a universal hanging hook when opened.

Designed for commercial and home growers: 

800W cannabis grow light suitable for commercial growers using vertical farming methods, as well as home growers using grow tents such as 5ftx5ft, 4ftx4ft.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Light Source: 


Input Power:

800 Watt

Input Voltage: 



Full Spectrum+660nm red light

Typical PPF:



2.9 μmol/J


111.5cm L x 111cm W x 9.3cm D, 43.9in L x 43.7in W x 3.66in D

Working temperature:

-20℃~45℃  |-4°F ~ 113°F

Product weight: 

40.12 lbs (18.2 kg)

Beam angle:


IP Rating:

LED Source IP65


0-10V PWM resistor three-in-one dimming


≥50,000 hrs


3 years standard

Hanging Heights

Hanging Heights At Different Growth Stages


Product Size&List




Packing List


Packing Details


Packing Carton Model:

1 Unit/Carton

Carton Size:

45.67in L x 25.98in W x 4.92in D

1160mm L x 660mm W x125mm H

Gross Weight:

20 KGs

Luminaire Control

Luminaire Control

Combined with a wired master controller (VQ-MVG4B2) or other available controllers for external control, this controller is fully functional and supports sunrise and sunset modes, temperature and humidity monitoring, two-group four-channel dimming and other functions.



PPFD Distribution

- based on Octopus 800


Full Spectrum for VEG & FLOWER

The fine tuned full spectrum is suitable for the whole growth cycles of indoor plants growing from cloning to flowering. The overall balance of multiple bands within this spectrum is able to deliver a robust and compact vegetative growth, as well as to optimize the final flowering growth with a yield of high quality, high quantity, and high potency.


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I really like this light, and so donthe plants. Have it going for a few days now. Excellent coverage and good penetration. Should do well in any grow. Great value for the money. Good customer service on mybend too.
ken redding
I have this light in 5x5 grow tent and it gives good coverage. I really like the feature to be able to set the color spectrum for what ever growing stage your plants are in. This is my first growing season in the tent so we will see how it goes.
James Tiberius Kirk
Fantastic light for the value. This light will compete with bar style led’s that are twice the price. Do yourself a favor and try this one out
Hegel Greene