VQ-PNPC1 Smart Socket

VQ-PNPC1 Smart Socket easily meets the needs of connecting multiple devices. It can support the control of various equipment, such as air conditioners, heating machines, CO2 generators, etc. It has a simple design and only requires one set of control lines. It can work with VQ-MG4B2 master controller to achieve switching action.


Control multiple devices


Custom sockets

Minimalist wiring

single wire connection


easy to expand


Applicable to multiple scenarios

Cooperate with the host

work together

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Products Function

VQ-PNPC1 Smart Socket

1. Wide usage: it can control various equipment, such as air conditioners, heating machines, CO2 generators, etc. 

2. Custom configuration: Each outlet can choose to control different devices, providing greater flexibility. 

3. Simple design: only one set of control lines is needed to reduce clutter. 

4. Infinitely scalable: to meet the growth and changes in farm and family size. 

5. Wide application scenes: suitable for farms of different sizes and also suitable for family use.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

AC output:

universal 3-hole socket

Signal input:

RJ-45 8P8C*1/network port*1

Signal output:

RJ-45 8P8C*1/network port*1

Maximum controllable power:


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This outlet is very simple to set up and operate, and its expandability ensures I can easily add more equipment as my farm grows and changes.
Tom Black
I love the simple design of this socket, requiring only one set of control lines, reducing clutter. It allows me to expand my system without worrying about excessive wiring—so convenient.
Susanna Wilson
I am very satisfied with this socket, which can not only connect external heaters but also connect CO2 generators.
Jack Reynolds