VQ-MV3001 Wired Master Controller

VQ-MV3001 Wired Master Controller is a single-group single-channel wired master controller that realizes wired single-channel control and integrates environmental temperature and humidity monitoring functions to ensure the best growth environment for plants. Its interface design is simple and its operation is clear and intuitive. Combined with preferential prices, indoor growing is more convenient and economical.

Easy operation

simple interface

Environmental monitoring

temperature and humidity

Dimming timing

precise control

Simulate nature

sunrise and sunset

Power adjustment

total value setting

Signal switching


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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-MV3001 Wired Master Controller

1. Simple and easy to understand interface, wired control.

2. With temperature and humidity monitoring function.

3. Single-group single channel dimming and timing.

4. Sunrise and sunset settings.

5. The total dimming power can be set.

6. Switchable PWM and 0-10V output signal.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power Input:


Output dimming voltage:


Working temperature:


Body weight:


Body dimensions:


Single packaging dimensions:


Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram


1.Make sure all fixtures are under External Control mode

2.Plug in the RJ14 cable to controller RJ port(OUTPUT)

3.Another RJ14 plug into spliter INPUT port Use RJ14 cable to connecting current Spliter Output port to the next spliter Input,and so on.


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Not only does this controller allow me to adjust for sunset and sunrise, but it also controls light intensity, providing my plants with optimal light cycle conditions, which greatly aids in increasing yield and quality.
Sara Cortez
The VQ-MV3001 controller has a very user-friendly interface; I love its screen as it allows me to see all settings at a glance. The real-time environmental monitoring helps ensure my plants grow under the best conditions.
Amy Thompson
This controller is very cost-effective. It not only supports sunrise and sunset modes and scheduled dimming, but it is also very easy to use, for people like me who are not very technical.
Sophia Johnson