1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation

The 1000 watt led grow light uses Samsung white light and high-efficiency 660nm deep red light to ensure maximum efficiency. Combining waterproof design and excellent heat dissipation, it is suitable for vertical or horizontal commercial planting facilities, and can also support the development of personalized lighting requirements.
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation
1000 watt led grow light with Super Heat Dissipation

White LED

light efficiency reaches 3.0umol/J.

Osram 660nm

Highly Efficient deep Red


UL CE listed Ensure Safety

Waterproof Design

Suitable for most environments

Aero Aluminum

Superior heat dissipation

Reflective Bar

Private Optical Design

Product Details

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Product advantage
Specification Parameter
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Luminaire Control
Product advantage

Advantages of GLMX1000C

Using top-quality white light LED:

Using Samsung white LED, the light efficiency reaches 3.0 umol/J and provides PAR 400-700nm continuous spectrum to ensure balanced light throughout the plant's life cycle.

Equipped with high light efficiency deep red LED:

Using high-efficiency 660nm deep red light, the light efficiency is as high as 3.6 umol/J. Red light plays a key role in plant photosynthesis and flowering period, helping leaf growth.

Cannabis specific spectrum:

This cannabis grow light has a full spectrum customized for cannabis plants, combining top-quality white light and 660nm red light to ensure that it provides all the wavelengths needed for plant growth and flowering. Its carefully designed spectrum not only promotes more robust plant growth, but also promotes abundant flowering, thereby achieving the goal of high yields.


Highly efficient. Obtained UL CE certification and IP67 waterproof rating to ensure long-lasting and efficient operation of LEDs.

Excellent heat dissipation performance:

The 1000W cannabis light contains 6 AL6063 aluminum alloy heat sinks to ensure stable low-temperature operation, thereby extending LED life and efficient output.

Waterproof design:

The overall waterproof design adapts to normal humidity environments, making breeding easier and worry-free.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Light Source: 


Input Power:

1000 Watt

Input Voltage: 



Full Spectrum+660nm red light

Typical PPF:

2900 μmol/s


2.9 μmol/J


1110 cm L x 1010 cm W x 8.4 cm D,4.in L x 39.7in W x 3.in D

Working temperature:

-20℃~45℃  |-4°F ~ 113°F

Product weight: 

35.31 lbs (16 kg)

Beam angle:


IP Rating:

LED Bar IP65 


0-10V PWM resistor three-in-one dimming


≥50,000 hrs


3 years standard

Product Size&List



Packing List


Packing Details


Packing Carton Model:

1 Unit/Carton

Carton Size:

45.6inL x 20in W x 6.7in H

1160mm L x 510mm W X 170mm H

Gross Weight:

21kg 46.3lbs

Luminaire Control

Luminaire Control

Combined with the wireless master controller (VQ-MVG4B3) or other controllers for external control, it supports temperature and humidity monitoring, and can also set sunrise and sunset modes and support timing and other functions.



PPFD Distribution

- based on GLMX1000C


Full Spectrum for VEG & BLOOM

GLMX series full spectrum LED grow lights use some of the best horticulture LED diodes on the market from the top suppliers. The professional spectrum balanced with all colors mixed make sure the plants receive all the wavelength to grow faster and stronger, as well as yield much more flower.


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This light is awesome. I bought it for my 5x5 area. .It was super easy to assemble and came with hanging ratchtet cables which make it easy to adjust the height of the light. The light puts out very bright light with different spectrums of leds which the plants seem to love ,while maintaining a very low temperature .
Kimberly mosley
Noticed a lot of new growth . Getting bigger leafs every day way better than my old mh/hps the light is 45 pounds so be sure to hang it good I was a little nervous but I’m fine . The light is very bright so naturally it produces heat just like any other light so make sure to have airflow . Very good light . Thanks again vanq
Kimberly mosley
Works grate package came in good condition. Light was easy to set up an install. Works verry well plants ok Ike the light alot. Worth the money I'm gonna b ordering more of these lights
Debra J. Smith