VQ-MIQ1B1 Manual Knob + APP Master Controller

VQ-MiQ1B1 is a Single-Channel Wireless Master Dimmer that integrates Manual Knob and APP Control. It is easy to install and can be equipped with a WIFI gateway to achieve remote wireless control and respond to your instructions anytime and anywhere. The function is simple.

Manual knob

stepless dimming function

Dual interface

compatible with multiple devices

Bluetooth function

local wireless control

APP timing

intelligent dimming

WIFI access

remote operation

Easy installation

quick setup

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-MIQ1B1 Manual Knob + APP Master Controller

1. Multi-level stepless manual knob dimming. 

2. RJ45 and RJ14 signal output interfaces are compatible with mainstream dimming sub-controllers in the market. 

3. Local wireless control can be achieved through Bluetooth. 

4. The APP can dim the light at multiple intervals; 

5. Equipped with WIFI gateway (Model No.: VQ-GD0B1) can achieve remote control

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V1A DC.

Output signal:


Output channels:

1-4 channels (optional) 

Signal output interface:


Product dimensions:


Single package dimension:


Packing quantity:

25PCS (594*282*228mm). 

Optional accessories:

gateway (Model No.: VQ-GD0B1).

Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Connection Mode :

When the No.2 dimmer is directly adjusted, all the dimmers connected behind No.2 dimmer are controlled, and No. 1 dimmers are not controlled at this time.


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The VQ-MIQ1B1 controller blends manual knobs with app control. I can flexibly switch between control modes on different devices, meeting my diverse needs.
Jack Robinson
The manual control feature of VQ-MIQ1B1 allows me to easily adjust light intensity for my plants' varying growth stages. The added Bluetooth functionality makes remote adjustments a breeze, even when I'm not in the garden. Plus, its smart operating mode really saves me time.
James Coleman
The manual and APP control options provided by the VQ-MIQ1B1are perfect for growers like me who need both precision and flexibility. The quality and performance have exceeded my expectations.
Ethan Reynolds