VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor

The VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor is an efficient sensor that integrates temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring, specially designed for use with VQ-MG4B2.

Multifunctional integration

temperature, humidity and CO2monitoring

Data monitoring

host real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

instant information synchronization

Precise control

maintain an ideal growing environment

Special package

with VQ-MG4B2

Accurate monitoring

high-precision sensing

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Products Function

VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor

Test the ambient temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration in real time and upload them to the master VQ-MG4B2. When the monitoring value exceeds the setting, make corresponding control operations.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Temperature measurement range and accuracy:

-40℃-125℃ ±0.5°C (25°C)

Humidity measurement range and accuracy:

0-100%RH ±3%RH (0%RH-100%RH,25°C)

CO2 concentration measurement range and accuracy:

0-2000ppm ±5%F.S (<1%)

Cable length 5 meters

3.5mm audio interface 

Product Category


The multifunctional integration of the VQ-PWS3 sensor is very convenient for managing my greenhouse.
This sensor not only monitors temperature and humidity in real time, but also carbon dioxide. It allows me to create the ideal growing environment for my plants, especially those that require precise carbon dioxide level control.
Able to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, this sensor is an integral part of my smart greenhouse system. Its accuracy is crucial for plant growth.