VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor

The VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor is an efficient sensor that integrates temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring, specially designed for use with VQ-MG4B2.

Multifunctional integration

temperature, humidity and CO2monitoring

Data monitoring

host real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

instant information synchronization

Precise control

maintain an ideal growing environment

Special package

with VQ-MG4B2

Accurate monitoring

high-precision sensing

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Products Function

VQ-PWS3 Three-in-One Sensor

Test the ambient temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration in real time and upload them to the master VQ-MG4B2. When the monitoring value exceeds the setting, make corresponding control operations.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Temperature measurement range and accuracy:

-40℃-125℃ ±0.5°C (25°C)

Humidity measurement range and accuracy:

0-100%RH ±3%RH (0%RH-100%RH,25°C)

CO2 concentration measurement range and accuracy:

0-2000ppm ±5%F.S (<1%)

Cable length 5 meters

3.5mm audio interface 

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