VQ-M2820 Wireless Master Controller

VQ-M2820 Wireless Master Controller is a 2-group single-channel wireless master controller that can realize wireless remote control without a gateway, ensuring easy control of equipment anytime and anywhere. 2-group independent dimming function, equipped with environmental temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure optimal plant growth conditions. The interface design is simple and the operation is intuitive and easy to understand. Make indoor planting smarter and more efficient.

Easy operation

intuitive interface

Wireless control

remote and convenient

Environmental monitoring

temperature and humidity

Dual-channel dimming

precise timing

Nature simulation

sunrise and sunset

Output signal


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Products Function
Technical Specifications
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Products Function

VQ-M2820 Wireless Master Controller Function

1. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

2. Can be operated by wireless WIFI (remote)/wireless Bluetooth (local area). 

3. Equipped with temperature and humidity sensor and 2-group control switch. 

4. Two group single-channel dimming, supporting timing.

5. Sunrise and sunset settings; 

6. The total dimming power can be set.

7. Switchable PWM and 0-10V output signal.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


5V2A DC. 

Output signal:

0-10V signal.

Working temperature:


Signal output interface:


Product dimensions:


Single package dimension:


Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Relay type Bluetooth MESH master control, controlled by mobile APP, APP and manual control are integrated and can be switched freely.


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