VQ-SV1B1 1-channel dimming slave controller

VQ-SV1B1 Dimming Slave Controller is a single-channel wired knob dimmer that can be used with the host to achieve unlimited cascading. Simple operation and convenient to use.
VQ-SV1B1 1-channel dimming slave controller
VQ-SV1B1 1-channel dimming slave controller

Single-channel dimming

precise lighting

Dimming function

continuous gears

Unlimited cascade

unlimited number

Easy operation

knob operation

Cooperate with the host

work together

Ease of use

easy to get started

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-SV1B1 1-channel dimming slave controller

1.PWM dimming: continuous level dimming.

2. Unlimited cascading: Break the limit on the number of connections.

3. Simple operation: turn the knob to control the light easily.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V-200mA DC

Output signal:


Output channels:

1-4 channels (optional)

Signal output interface:


Product dimensions:


Number of cascades:


Signal input: 


Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Connection Mode :

When the No.2 dimmer is directly adjusted, all the dimmers connected behind No.2 dimmer are controlled, and No.1 dimmers are not controlled at this time


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The single-channel dimming function of the VQ-SV1B1 is perfect for my small-scale plant growing area. The operation is straightforward, and the continuous dimming feature allows for precise control of lighting.
Lewis Thompson
Installing the VQ-SV1B1 was a breeze and the dimming is precise,.
Nick Brown
I appreciate the simplicity of the VQ-SV1B1 controller. A simple twist of the knob provides easy light adjustment, catering well to my indoor growing needs.
Alyssa Davis