VQ-GD0B1 WIFI gateway

VQ-GD0B1 WIFI Gateway is a necessary accessory for remote control. All devices that require remote operation must be equipped with this WIFI gateway. Ensure that the equipment can achieve stable and rapid remote control.

Remote essentials

WIFI gateway

Group control

equipment is easy to manage

Quick response

efficient and effective

Group timing

easy to set up

Stable connection

strong and stable signal

Ease of operation

easy to use

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Products Function

VQ-GD0B1 WIFI gateway

1. Connect existing devices and group devices in the APP.

2. Group timing.

3. Remote control.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V-200mA DC

Output signal:


Output channels:


signal input:


Signal output interface:


Screen parameters:


Number of cascades:


Product size: 


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