Professional Optical Design 200W Cannabis Seedling Light

The 200W cannabis seedling light is a full-spectrum foldable LED grow light specially designed for home growers. It is made of Samsung 281B+ white LEDs and 660nm high-efficiency red LEDs, combined with high-quality driver to ensure high light efficiency. The driver has obtained UL CE certification to ensure safe use. With waterproof design and excellent aviation aluminum heat dissipation technology, the product can operate stably under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Exclusive reflective strips and optical design enhance the focus and distribution of light. It also has the advantage of being customizable to meet your individual needs.

Samsung white LED

Efficacy up to 3.0μmol/J

Osram 660nm

Highly Efficient deep Red


UL CE listed Ensure Safety

Waterproof Design

Suitable for most environments

Aero Aluminum

Superior heat dissipation

Smart control system

Build-in dimming knob

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Specification Parameter
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Luminaire Control
Product advantage

Advantage for GLOC200A04

Specifically designed for seedlings: 

Designed for cannabis seedling cultivation, this 200W lamp supports early cannabis growth with low power consumption and appropriate PPFD. It combines full spectrum and 660nm deep red light to optimize the seedling growth environment, while its excellent heat dissipation function prevents heat accumulation.

High light efficiency output: 

The overall light output is as high as 2.9 µmol/J and excellent illumination of 580 µmol/s, ensuring ultra-high efficiency of photoelectric conversion. Not only does this significantly reduce your electricity bill, it also gives you higher production.

Using top-grade LED chips: 

Using Samsung white LEDs to ensure the best quality light source.

Uniform light distribution: 

Equipped with 6 66-watt LED bars, the 400W cannabis grow light achieves incredibly even light coverage in a 4ft x 4ft grow tent, providing the best growing environment for your plants.

Even light distribution: 

The 200W cannabis seedling light cleverly disperses light across 4 LED strips, each with 50 watts of power. In a 3ft x 3ft grow tent, these 4 light strips distribute the light source more evenly, providing a balanced growing environment for your plants.

Designed for commercial and tent cultivation: 

The 200W Cannabis Grow Light is ideal for home growers using grow tents (such as 4ft x 2ft, 3ft x 3ft, 2ft x 2ft). It adopts universal suspension method and is easy to install.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Light Source: 


Input Power:

200 Watt

Input Voltage: 



Full Spectrum+660nm red light

Typical PPF:



2.9 μmol/J


57.5cm L x 54.5cm W x 8.5cm D, 22.63in L x21.45in W x 3.34in D

Working temperature:

-20℃~45℃  |-4°F ~ 113°F

Product weight: 

13 lbs (5.9 kg)

Beam angle:


IP Rating:

LED bar IP65


0-10V PWM & resistance 3-in-1 dimming


≥50,000 hrs


3 years standard

Hanging Heights

Hanging Heights At Different Growth Stages


Product Size&List




Packing List


Packing Details


Packing Carton Model:

1 Unit/Carton

Carton Size:

23.82in L x 13.98in W x 5.31in D

605mm L x 355mm W x135mm H

Gross Weight:

5.9 KGs

Luminaire Control

Luminaire Control

Combined with a wired master controller (VQ-MVG4B2) or other controllers for external control, this controller is fully functional and supports sunrise and sunset modes, temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring, supports two-group four-channel dimming and other functions.



PPFD Distribution

- based on Octopus 200


Full Spectrum for VEG & FLOWER

The fine tuned full spectrum is suitable for the whole growth cycles of indoor plants growing from cloning to flowering. The overall balance of multiple bands within this spectrum is able to deliver a robust and compact vegetative growth, as well as to optimize the final flowering growth with a yield of high quality, high quantity, and high potency.


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This light was perfect for my 3x3 tent. It is very bright with little heat output. I would consider buying another for a 3x3 tent, but I am seeing how much I can produce with one.
Billy Newton
Got a small 2x2 first and worked beautifully and so I had to buy the bigger one! My plants ADORE this light! Gives them everything the sun would and in a more controlled environment! I live in the middle of Wisconsin so the weather is sometimes harsh even during summer so this truly is a plant saver!
Michael Mueller
This is in my 2x4 tent right now flowering 4 beautiful cannibis plants highly recommended by me. It dose an amazing job no complaints so far. Will be buying nore from this brand can't say nothing bad just awesome product