5' x 5' Grow tent

How to provide an efficient growing space for plants, then we have to talk about the growing tent. Our tent uses PEVA reflective material to ensure that the plants get enough light, and the durable 600D Oxford cloth and stable steel frame mean that you an investment that is long-lasting. Easy to set up, customizable ventilation, and every detail is designed to simplify your growing experience. Right out of the box, with a few simple steps, your grow tent is ready to go in no time. Whether it's a corner of your home or a corner of your balcony, it can fit perfectly. Choose a location for your plants where they can be monitored at all times and protected from pests. Supports a variety of tent sizes, from 12*12*24inch to 144*144*92inch.
5' x 5' Grow tent
5' x 5' Grow tent
5' x 5' Grow tent
5' x 5' Grow tent
5' x 5' Grow tent
5' x 5' Grow tent

Maximizing light efficiency

ultra-high reflectivity

Solid Structure

600D Oxford clot and solid steel frame

Simple installation

quick construction

Diverse choices

Available in various sizes to meet the needs of different spaces

Perfect ventilation

Designed with double-layer vents

Convenient monitoring

Equipped with an environmentally friendly plastic window

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Product advantage
Specification Parameter
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Product advantage

Advantages of Grow tent  5' x 5' 

Efficient lighting:

Our planting tent uses environmentally friendly PEVA aluminum film. Its excellent reflectivity can optimize light resources and greatly increase the photosynthesis speed of plants.

Stable and Durable: 

Using high-quality 600D Oxford cloth and rock-solid steel frame, our tent structure allows you to rest assured that your plants will grow stably in the long term.

Optimized ventilation: 

Dual ventilation design, coupled with adjustable size vents, ensures your plants enjoy fresh air while staying away from insects.

Easy to use: 
The transparent environmentally friendly window and convenient zipper design allow you to easily monitor the growth of plants while keeping the tent tidy.

Easy to build:
The quick-assembly design makes it easy to set up and maintain your green space without the need for additional tools.

Personalized customization: 
A variety of iron pipe sizes and color options are available to make your grow tent unique and meet your personal preferences.

Various specifications:

From compact 90x90x180cm to spacious 150x150x200cm, we provide a variety of sizes to meet your different planting needs.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Tent size:


Packing weight:



arc door


litchi pattern

Iron pipe: 

16MM (diameter)/0.8MM (thickness)

External material:

600D Oxford 

Interior material:

PEVA plastic composite aluminum film

Air duct quantity: 

1 pcs

Air duct material:

double-sided aluminum foil

Air duct length: 

10 meters

Filter quantity:

1 pcs

Filter height: 

6 inches

Number of fans: 


Filter and fan diameter: 

6 inches

Filter filling material: 

 activated carbon

Related accessories: 

 Thermohygrometer, Timer, Planting bag, Fan

Product Size

Product Size


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Grow light recommendations

Provide the most ideal growing environment for your cannabis plants. The grow tent is designed to create a closed, controllable environment for plants. With the full-spectrum illumination of cannabis grow lights, it simulates the photoperiod and intensity of natural light, which not only promotes the rapid growth of plants, but also improves yield and quality.

LED grow light recommendations:VQ-GLMX720C/VQ-GLMX1000C/VQ-GLOC800X08


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This grow tent is the real deal—easy to assemble, durable, and the light reflection inside is phenomenal. The ventilation is top-notch, perfect for all my plant types.
Love the variety in sizes, but the 5'x5' was perfect for me. The dual vent system is great for airflow adjustment, and the plastic window for monitoring is super handy.
The 5'x5' tent maximizes light like no other, thanks to the reflective PEVA film. It’s solid with the Oxford cloth and steel frame, and setting it up was a breeze!