VQ-SIA1B1 Bluetooth APP dimming controller

VQ-SIA1B1 Bluetooth APP Dimming Controller is a single-channel wireless single dimmer. The installation is simple and convenient, and realizes Bluetooth APP wireless control without wiring. If you need remote control, you only need to equip it with a WIFI gateway.


Stable control 30 meters

Control method

only smart APP is required

Easy installation

no wiring required for installation

Remote control

equipped with WIFI gateway

Flexible dimming

APP multi-stage timing

Single channel

single channel wireless dimming

Product Details

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Products Function
Technical Specifications
Product Connection Diagram
Products Function

VQ-SIA1B1 Bluetooth APP dimming controller

1. Single-channel local wireless dimming controller, stable control distance of 30 meters by mobile phone.

2. It can only be controlled by APP, and remote control requires a WIFI gateway.

3.  APP multi-stage timing dimming.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


12V-200mA DC

Output signal:


Output channels:

1-4 channels (optional)

Signal output interface:


Product dimensions:


Number of cascades:


Optional accessories: 

gateway, timer

Product Connection Diagram

Product Connection Diagram

Pure wireless connection, mobile APP control, overall control, group control, fixed-point control, no need master control

(Optional) Bluetooth timer, automatically saves timing parameters when power is off, and can set 40 groups of timing parameters

(Optional) Gateway automatic networking, enabling remote control and server timing

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Product Category


The Bluetooth connectivity of the VQ-SA1B1 allows me to control my grow lights from anywhere. The multi-stage timing function meets all my needs.
I'm impressed with the easy installation and operation of this controller. I could get it up and running quickly without sifting through complicated manuals. Its multi-stage timing function lets me set the perfect lighting schedule for my plants.
The remote control feature of the VQ-SIA1B1 is amazing. I can comfortably adjust my grow lights via the APP from the comfort of my home without touching the actual controller.