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In modern indoor gardening, our "Space Efficient" grow racks, with their vertical design, significantly increase planting capacity in limited spaces. The mobile track system allows flexible expansion of the planting space and is easy to assemble and maintain. This multifunctional grow rack is suitable for all types of indoor plants, and the height of each shelf can be adjusted according to the growth needs of the plants. Made of high quality materials ensuring its stability and durability.

Space utilization

vertical design increases planting volume

Flexible movement

track slides to expand space

Quick installation and easy maintenance

Simple assembly

Widely applicable

Suitable for a variety of plants

Adjustable shelves

highly adaptable

Stable and durable

High-quality materials, long-lasting use

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Product advantage

Advantages of Grow Rack

Efficient space utilization: 

The vertical design significantly inreases the planting volume per unit area and is suitable for planting environments with limited space.

Mobile track system:  

The planting rack can slide through the track, which is flexible and convenient, and expands the planting space.

Easy to assemble and maintain:

User-friendly design, quick assembly, easy for daily maintenance and cleaning.

Wide range of application: 
Suitable for various indoor planting needs, from herbs to small vegetables, all can grow healthily.

Adjustable shelves: 
The height of each shelf can be flexibly adjusted according to the size and growth stage of the plants.

Sturdy and Durable Structure:
The use of high-quality materials ensures a stable structure for long-term use.

Specification Parameter

Specification Parameter

Main components: 

main grow rack + sub grow rack + tidal basin

Main grow rack: 

2.5  x 1.22 x 2.6 m;Weighs 180kg.

Sub grow rack: 

2.5  x 1.22 x 2.4 m;Weighs 100kg.

Maximum number of connections for sub grow racks:

litchi pattern



Installation method:


Movement mode:

PEVA plastic composite aluminum film

Pedal (optional)

Convenient height-adjustable pedal, no need to remove screws to adjust height.

Shelf material: 

cold-rolled steel plate and painted


Customizable height and number of layers.

Product Size

Product Size


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