Preview of Amsterdam GreenTech Exhibition 2024

Posted on Apr 18 , 2024

With the rapid development of global horticulture technology, Amsterdam will once again become the global focus and usher in the 2024 Green Technology Exhibition. This event is scheduled to be held at the RAI International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 11th to 13th, bringing an unprecedented technological feast to gardening enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.

Amsterdam GreenTech Exhibition

The theme of this year's exhibition is "Happy Food, Healthy Flowers", which is not only a pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, but also the best display of the beautiful integration of technology and nature in this turbulent era. Here, every corner is full of innovation and vibrant greenery, demonstrating how to improve our food supply and quality of life through high-tech means.

Exhibition highlights and features

The 2024 Amsterdam Green Technology Exhibition will feature five distinctive pavilions, each focusing on different technologies and industry applications, jointly displaying the latest progress and future trends in horticultural technology.

  • Vertical Farming Pavilion: The latest technology in vertical farming is displayed here, including advanced LED growth lights, automated planting systems and precision irrigation technology. There will be an opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of how to achieve maximum yields in limited space through efficient cascading methods, techniques that are particularly suitable for urban environments and small-space farming.

  • Renewable Energy Center: The development and utilization of renewable energy is becoming more and more important, and the horticulture industry is no exception. A visit to the Renewable Energy Center not only gives you the opportunity to experience these innovative trends first-hand, but also gives you an insight into how renewable energy technologies can be integrated into horticultural production to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

  • AI & Robotics Pavilion: This pavilion focuses on displaying the latest technological developments in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and learn how cutting-edge technologies are used in new horticulture and agriculture. applied in the industry.

  • Medicinal Plants Pavilion: Focuses on legal cultivation techniques and products of medicinal plants, especially cannabis. Not only the latest planting technology and conservation knowledge are displayed here, but there are also discussions on the law, market and efficacy research of medicinal plants. The museum provides visitors with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the medicinal plant industry, especially as regulations around the world are becoming increasingly relaxed.

  • Start-up Pavilion: This area is specially set up for start-up companies to showcase their innovative products and solutions in the field of horticulture technology. Visitors can witness how cutting-edge ideas are being commercialized, and it is also an ideal place for investors to find emerging technologies and potential partners.

THEONEGROW - Cannabis cultivation solutions provider

THEONEGROW will showcase its latest technological achievements at the 2024 Amsterdam Green Technology Show. Plant growth lights from 20W to 1200W meet the needs of small-scale home cultivation to large-scale commercial production. At the same time, dimmer controllers, cultivation tents and flowering lights dedicated to the cannabis flowering period will also be displayed, which together form a complete cultivation ecosystem.

Exhibition information:

Time: 2024.6.11-2024.6.13

Location: Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam,Netherlands

Exhibition Location: 05.462MP

 Amsterdam GreenTech Exhibition

As the 2024 Amsterdam GreenTech Exhibition approaches, we sincerely invite horticulture technology enthusiasts, industry experts and corporate decision-makers from around the world to attend this event.

During these three days of exhibition, you will have the opportunity to witness and experience the most cutting-edge horticultural technology and innovation, especially for professionals dedicated to cannabis cultivation.

THEONEGROW's booth 05.462MP is not to be missed. We will display a full range of plant growth lights from 20W to 1200W and related supporting equipment to maximize your planting benefits with minimal planting costs.

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