Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis has more potential than you imagine when under right lights With the world-wide legalization of cannabis cultivation for medical and recreational use, in order to achieve the best state-of-art yield in terms of both quantity and quality, indoor cultivation has been widely adopted by professional growers. Not only can it produce more compact buds [...]

Vertical Farming

Locally-grown fresh greens available everyday Pressure on agricultural land from a rising global population is necessitating the maximization of food production per unit area of cultivation. Attention is increasingly turning to Vertical Farming  approaches in an attempt to provide a greater crop yield per square meter of land. Fundamental to the creation of a perfect [...]


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Tissue Culture

The right light for the right plant Light is a key factor in plant tissue culture. With 10 years experience of working closely with horticultural partners around the world, VANQ offers a wide range of lighting solutions tailored to meeting the unique needs of every tissue culture producer. With LED lighting, the spectral output of grow light can be tuned, [...]