Tissue Culture Light

The Right Light For The Right Plant

Light is a key factor in plant tissue culture. With 10 years of experience of working closely with horticultural partners around the world, VANQ offers a wide range of lighting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every tissue culture producer. With LED tissue culture light, the spectral output of grow light can be tuned, which makes it possible to apply the optimum “light recipe” for different kinds of crops.

LED lighting also produces an extremely uniform light distribution. This means that all cuttings, whether at the edge of the shelf or the center, receive the same light, and all cuttings grow at the same rate and to the same shape. In addition, LED lighting uses very little electrical energy compared to fluorescent (TL) systems – up to 60% less. And because it produces hardly any heat, the lamps can be placed very close to the plants, reducing the shelf-light height, which means that more growing layers can be stacked in the same space. Moreover, LED’s high reliability means less repairing and no breakage concerns.

Benefits of LED for tissue culture at a glance:

  • Proven light recipes for different crops
  • Energy saving
  • Better quality and higher survival rate in rooting
  • Improved propagation process
  • Speeding-up of hardening phase
  • Shorter total growth cycle