GLT8I20/GLT8W20 20Watt LED Grow Tube

The GLT8I20/GLT8W20 grow tube series using high quality material which with CE, ROHS certified, and adopt original Samsung and Osram brand diodes, high-efficiency Samsung white light and Osram red light diodes are the keys to continuously improving plant yield and quality.


Both GLT8I20/GLT8W20 are plug and play designed, both support daisy-chain & dimming functions. Especially GLT8W20 waterproof design can effectively protect the lamp beads from moisture and vulcanization, effectively ensure the waterproof level, and comprehensively protect and improve the service life of the tube.


Length customization is also a prominent feature of GLT8 series, independent appearance, and sturdy design, from 40CM-240CM optional length,  which further ensures our GLT8I20/GLT8W20 can replace all kind of traditional fluorescent light tubes.


2,5000 hours service life of the led tubes can meets the rough requirements of commercial planting projects for lamps. Efficient PPF and PPFD are also conditions for improving plant yield and quality. Our GLT8I20/GLT8W20 have a professional  tissue culture/leafy green cultivation spectrum to provide a uniform level of photosynthetic quantum density (PPFD), all these ensures our led tubes will meet the lighting needs of large-scale commercial cultivation.


Planting environment (such as Micro-green Cultivation/leafy-green Cultivation/Tissue-culture etc.): indoor greenhouses, vertical grow, planting tents


20W Waterproof LED Grow Tube

Spectrum Customizable for Vegetables and Rooting Cuttings


20W LED Grow Tube

Spectrum Customizable for Seedling and Tissue Culture

Why Choose Us?

Crafted with best raw materials

LED grow lights are made of LED chips, LED drivers, heat sink, and other components. VANQ LED believes best products are the combination of best raw materials and best people. We insist on using some of the top-quality components such as Samsung & Osram LED chips, Meanwell/Inventronics LED drivers, Large size AL6063 Aluminum heat sink, etc. With our great engineering team with combined more than 80 years experience in LED manufacturing, we ensure our LED grow lights with the top quality in this industry.

Research-driven and cultivation-proven

Our constant innovation and improvement in LED grow lights is largely due to our own agronomy research team and hundreds of professional cultivation partners around the world. Since 2011, we have established our own agronomy laboratory. Along with the previous technical advice from our customers from a large variety of horticultural applications, by now, we have a collective database of cultivation-proven horticulture lighting solutions for offering customers the best LED grow lights available on the market.

VANQ LED is also one of the pioneers who implement IoT(internet of thing) technology into horticulture lighting industry. Our wireless spectrum-programmable lighting control system which allows users to configure a spectrum with 4 independently tunable channels enables horticultural researchers to control the light spectrum with unlimited possibilities.

Best factory direct price

VANQ LED keeps the belief that the best business model is making good products available and affordable for more and more people. Since we are a manufacturer ourselves, we have done a lot to improve the automation level of our production lines, in order to improve quality control and to reduce the manufacturing cost. And we also have a professional sales engineers team serving directly to customers around the world to offer you the first hand best factory price.