Plant factories have low yields? There may be something wrong with these key links of yours!

As urbanization accelerates, the amount of land available for traditional agriculture is gradually decreasing. At the same time, people's demand for food safety and quality is also growing. Therefore, plant factories, a highly intensive cultivation model that can produce crops year-round, are gradually being seen as an ideal choice for modern agriculture.

For many plant factory growers, a key challenge is providing perfect light to plants in a closed indoor environment. Not just light intensity, but spectrum, light duration and even environmental control. This involves not only the quality and yield of the product, but also the cost and efficiency of the entire operation.


1.Grow Lights – Create a “Customized Spectrum” for Your Plants

For plant factories, the right light source is key. Too strong or too weak light and inappropriate spectrum may lead to poor plant growth and affect yield.

VANQ plant growth lights can not only customize the spectrum according to the needs of growers, but also be equipped with precise dimmers, which perfectly meet the needs of plants at every stage from germination to flowering, accelerate growth, and directly increase yields. Moreover, compared with traditional lamps, our LED lamps adopt advanced technology and efficient optical design, which not only improves light energy utilization, but also significantly reduces energy consumption. Extending the life of the lamps not only reduces the maintenance burden, longer service life means lower replacement and maintenance costs, which saves you a lot of operating costs.

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2.Smart controller - easily manage your plant factory

In a plant factory, if you want plants to grow healthily, you cannot ignore the changing growth needs of plants. So how do we ensure the best plant growth environment?

Work together with VANQ agricultural intelligent control system to achieve one-click intelligent management for you. It not only ensures precise dimming of each light, but also meets the needs of plants at different growth stages. In addition, the controller also supports sunrise/sunset simulation and temperature and humidity CO2 concentration control, accurately controlling the light room, and truly creating the best growth environment for plants step by step.

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Individual tools or technologies may help, but what VANQ truly offers is a complete solution. When light and environmental control are closely integrated, your plant factory will show unprecedented vitality. On the difficult road of plant factories, VANQ hopes to be your strongest support. We not only provide products, but also provide you with a complete set of solutions. If you have any questions or needs, we are always here to provide you with professional advice and services.