1. If any Product covered by this warranty is returned by Purchaser in accordance with the warranty policy and upon examination, VANQ determines to its satisfaction that such Product failed to satisfy this warranty, VANQ will, at its option, repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof. For purposes of clarity, “repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof” does not include any removal or reinstallation activities, costs or expenses, including without limitation labor costs or expenses.
  2. If VANQ chooses to replace the Product and is not able to do so because it has been discontinued or is not available, VANQ may replace the product with a comparable product (that can show small deviations in design and product specification).
  3. No agent, distributor or dealer is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of the limited warranty on behalf of VANQ in any matter.
  4. This limited warranty only applies when the Product has been properly wired and installed and operated within the electrical values, operating range and environmental conditions provided in the specifications, application guidelines, or any other document accompanying the Products. If a Product is found to be defective, or not performing per the product specifications, the Purchaser must notify VANQ in writing.
  5. VANQ will facilitate the technical resolution of problems. Third-party products sold by VANQ are not covered under this warranty, except as indicated specifically in agreement.
  6. This warranty does not apply to damage or failure to perform arising as a result of any Acts of God or from any abuse, misuse, abnormal use or use in violation of any applicable standard, code or instructions for use including without limitation those contained in the latest safety, industry and/or electrical standards for the relevant region(s).
  7. This warranty shall be void in the event in which any repairs or alterations not duly authorized by VANQ in writing are made to the Product by any person. The manufacturing date of the product has to be clearly readable. VANQ reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of any warranty claim.
  8. If requested by VANQ the non-conforming or defective Products shall become VANQ’s property as soon as they have been replaced.