The LED lighting effects on plant growth

Posted on Nov 02 , 2022

As the Technology developed, adopting LED lights for indoor crop production is adopted and more superior than traditional artificial lighting sources. By these ways, it can achieve more rich harvest in comparison with the outdoor cultivation which is always influenced by different consistent amount of sunshine lights and their variations for weather patterns. LED lighting are offering an practical solutions for controlling various sides of the plant’s environment and growth condition. These are also tested and proof supports by lots of farm growers and researchers.

1. Decreased the facility's utility fees by LED lighting

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has determined that artificial lighting accounts for up to one third of the total cost of indoor plant cultivation. LED lighting produces better quality illumination than traditional grow light systems with less than half of the electrical energy input. In other words, its saved fees can further improve the other facility’s operations to improve plant growth and yield.

According to the data sheet shown, the United states department of agriculture made sure that the artificial lighting will be more than 33% of total cost for whole indoor plant comparison with conventional plant growth lighting, the LED lights can produce better lighting quality, energy inputs only take around half of amount. These saved cost can be applied for facility's utility or others, improving the plant growth and yields.

2. Adjusting the LED lamps lighting spectrums for plant needed chloraphyll by the vision light spectrum wavelength(400-700nm).

Different light wavelengths for different plant varieties and growth phases, it will produce some different reactions and versions of chlorophyll. By experienced, can adjustment the light spectrums into plant absorpted & growing light spectrum, producing the most desirable form of chlorophyll that the plant needed at every growth cycle phase. It is different from the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or other commercial lightings, wider lights spectrums with fixing light spectrum. the LED lighting can customize and select the flexible & specific wavelengths which meet with the unique.

3. Providing the best Photosynthetic photon flux density for different plant growth and phases with LED lights.

Photosynthetic flux density(PPFD) is the key factor for measuring the total amount of lights which actually reaching a plant surface. That is to say, higher PPFD for plant, getting better plant quality and receiving the higher plant crop yields. the traditional lighting HPS or CMH lamp, generate huge heats for high temperature,if closing the plant surface too much, easily burning the plants. The LED fixture acting as the cold lighting source, can place closer to plant surfaces to creating higher PPFD levels and making further absorption and meeting with plant growth.

4. Better physical operating temperature improve the indoor growing environment

The LED lights, as the cool light source, with characters of cooler physical operating temperature further improving the overall indoor growing environment.

Exception for lighting, the temperature and humidity control are always of vital importance for agriculture, especially, indoor/greenhouse plant growth. The traditional lights,usually generate the huge heats to an indoor growing environments, forcing the facility operator to take a huge budget for complex control systems to compensate. The LED lighting with its characters for indoor plant growth, minimized and fully eliminated this problem. With modern technology of stable lighting, temperature and humidity control, it produced a perfect stable growing environment for plant growth based on different plant growth phases.

5. Producing bigger plants and higher crop yields under the LED lighting.

The Plant crop production for indoor cultivation depending on older artificial lighting sources is more superior by adopting the LED lighting, with larger plants and better crop yields.

Making full using of LED light for indoor cultivation is superior to older artificial lighting source in plant production. By some ways, it can get higher harvest due to its outstanding characters of providing suitable PPFD, lighting, humiliation,etc stable weather patterns growth environment. It is an operator unprecedented control for growers to all aspects of the plant's environment. Lots of growers & scientists has made studies and got conclusions.

6. LED grow light durability

Comparing with traditional HPS lamps/CMH lamps, the LED grow lights for indoor/greenhouse plant growth just needed a bit amount of amending fees, keeping super quality working time, reaching more than 50,000 hours for application, by these, it can save large amount of fees and lower the utility expenditures fees from LED lighting. As durability, the farmer and plant centres can devoted more of their budgets into their cultivation facilities,for example, seeds cultivation or irrigation,etc, in replacement of the lighting equipped constant maintenance.


As the more and more facilities adopt LED lighting solutions, the LED lighting good for plant cultivation will get further benefits for indoor plant cultivated facilities. In order to serve these facilities, Shenzhen VANQ developed out different grow lamp assemblies for indoor & greenhouse, achieving the plant amazing growth.

Whatever your grow is large-scale or line indoor greenhouse or vertical cultivates structure, Shenzhen VANQ LED grow lights are available for indoor plant growth.


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