Cannabis cultivation, 600sqft, Mexico

Cannabis cultivation, 600sqft, Mexico

Commercial Cannabis Cultivation In Mexico Results

Increasing yield 20% in terms of dry weight, with 40% less energy consumed.

The customer is a medical grower in Mexico who routinely produces 28% THC and 3% terpene content, high quality cannabis within several CEA indoor growing facilities. Before implementing our LED lights system at large scale. They also conducted a trial of our LED systems against the previous HPS lighting. The cultivation director was initially skeptical of making the transition to LED technology, but he also saw the potential benefits of moving to a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

In the trial, a single HPS 1000 watt light was replaced with a GLIC650 operating at 600 watts. After harvest the director reported 1.66 pounds grown under the GLIC650 lights vs. only 1.38 pounds under the HPS light – an increase of 0.28pounds (a total dry weight increase of 20.28%!). The director was thrilled to see the increase in yield. The grower has since changed their original HPS lighting system plan for the new facility to GLIC650 lighting solution.

These guys did a great job to concoct the spectrum for the cannabis growing, it completely changed our view of the poor performance of LED in commercial cannabis cultivation several years ago. We are definitely looking forward to replacing our current HPS system with LED step by step.