Cannabis cultivation, 900sqft, California

Cannabis cultivation, 900sqft, California

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Results

Same compact and potent buds as under HPS, 40% less energy consumption with same amount of high quality yield, and less HVAC expense due to less heat generation.

When it comes to commercial indoor cannabis cultivation, the requirement of LED grow lights is much more higher than other hobby growers. However you are growing at a scale of speciality cottage indoor or medium indoor, your customer choose their buds according to a much higher standard in terms of outlook, smell, THC level because they pay for it. Commercial growers often put a considerable amount of investment in the growing facility, and since lighting is a significantly important part of this system, it means the choice of grow lights often puts hundreds of thousand or even millions of dollars at stake.

After a whole vegetative-to-flowering test for about 90 days with our GLIC650 for 4 plants in order to prove the spectrum effect and power sufficiency of our lights, this California commercial growers choose our GLIC650 for his expanded 900sq.ft growing room.

As a veteran grower of cannabis but only with experience of HPS lights, I have the same doubt with many other growers that whether LED grow lights is really capable for cannabis flowering or not. However, the experience of GLIC650 this time definitely changes my mind, the buds are same compact and potent as under HPS. It turns out that current LED technology has been improved to be able to match HPS not only for vegetative but also for flowering. The difficult part now has become how to select the few right ones from the numerous lights online, since poor spectrum composition and misleading power statement is epidemic in LED grow light industry. But for me, this GLIC650 is the right one.