Vertical Farming, 120 sqm, Sichuan Fresh Farming, China

Vertical Farming, 120 sqm, Sichuan Fresh Farming, China

Vegetable Plant Factory Results


Providing consumers with locally grown, fresh vegetables free from concerns of soil pollution and pesticides

Sichuan Fresh Farming, established in 2013, is located in Pengzhou, a vegetable base in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is a vegetable plant factory that adopts a modern fully enclosed three-dimensional hydroponic cultivation model. At present, the first phase of the company’s construction covers an area of 120 square meters, and a plant plant with a daily output of 500 pounds of vegetables has been put into operation. The first phase is mainly to produce leafy vegetables, which mainly include agaric vegetables, various lettuces, wormwood, coriander, and grass. , Amaranth, cabbage, milk cabbage, kale and other vegetables.


In the workshop, plant growth is divided into four stages: seeding, seedling raising, seedling dividing, and planting. In these four processes, plants are grown on special sponges. Under the sponge, there are nutrient solutions with more than a dozen elements; above the vegetable seedlings, there are LED light sources and “three-in-one” pipes, and “three” is the cold air, carbon dioxide and wind that the pipes send to the plants.

In the vegetable plant factory, the photoperiod is delicately tuned to maximize the plant growth. During the sprout period, it can be irradiated for 8 hours a day, and when the plant grows out, the light time must reach about 20 hours. This sufficient light can make the photosynthesis of the plant sufficient and better growth. In superior environment, plants grow very quickly. In the field, it takes 30 days for lettuce to be planted and harvested, while in the plant factory, it takes only 20 days.

With LED lighting and hydroponic farming technology, we have successfully turned a small area of 120 square meters into a total planting area of 1,440 square meters, with 12 layers of growing shelves. It produces about 200,000 kg fresh vegetables per year, which is 10 times the output of field cultivation.