Vertical Farming, 240sqm, The National Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park

Vertical Farming, 240sqm, The National Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park

Leafy Greens Vertical Farming Research Results

Achieving a high production of more organically grown and year-around available leafy greens

The National Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park is an open platform that integrates agricultural science and technology research and development, display, popular science education, scientific and technological exchanges at home and abroad, achievement transformation and promotion. The park has indoor vertical farming plant factory, natural light plant factory, aquatic plant factory, mushroom factory, intelligent irrigation system, intelligent environmental control system and other smart agriculture, future science and technology agricultural centers.

In the indoor leafy greens vertical farming plant factory, a “leaf vegetable workshop” covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters can produce more than 100 kilograms per day during the harvest period, which is almost dozens of times higher that of outdoor farming.

“The efficiency of industrialized vegetable cultivation is much higher than that of field cultivation, and under the strictly-controlled indoor environment, the yield can be increased even by hundreds of times.” The cultivation director said with certainty. The output and profit of agricultural products produced by the plant production workshop of only 1,000 square meters in the industrialized system is quite amazing. If it is fully commercialized, the annual income from planting agricultural products alone can reach 1 million yuan.

Under the illumination of the specially customized LED plant lights from VANQ, the neatly arranged seedlings are growing vigorously. Its unit area nursery efficiency can reach more than 40 times of conventional nursery, and the nursery cycle is shortened by more than 40%. The cultivated leaf lettuce takes only about 20 days from planting to harvesting, which is 40% shorter than the conventional field cultivation cycle. The yield per unit area is more than 25 times that of open field cultivation. The product is clean and pollution-free, and the value of the product is high.

Working in an environment surrounded by plants is spiritually pleasing every day, and you can always enjoy the freshest and safest vegetables and fruits at any time.