Why do my neighbor's container plants grow so well? Let us explore the secrets with you!

The process of urbanization is advancing rapidly, and the area of traditional agricultural land is gradually decreasing. At the same time, people’s pursuit of food safety and health is still increasing. Against this background, a new agricultural model-plant container cultivation has gradually attracted people's attention. This highly intensive approach has opened up new areas for agriculture, but as an emerging model, it also brings with it considerable difficulties.

The closed environment, the special lighting requirements, the complexity of the hydroponic system and the installation method of lamps... This series of problems can't help but confuse growers. And behind this, is there a solution that can not only meet these needs, but also provide real benefits to growers?


"Why don't my plants grow as well as I want?"

You may already be aware that plants at different stages of growth have different light needs. It is difficult for ordinary light sources to meet these changing needs.

VANQ LED grow lights provide precise light control, adapting to the needs of your cannabis plants at every stage of growth with a simple turn of a knob - from initial budding to harvest-rich bloom, every beam of light is measured &customized.

At the same time, combined with customized spectrum services, we can meet the different needs of plants at each stage. Using efficient optical design and leading LED technology, our lamps not only ensure high light efficiency, but also integrate heat dissipation and waterproof functions to ensure stable performance in any planting environment. With high luminous efficiency, energy consumption is greatly reduced, extending the life of the lamps and saving more operation and maintenance costs.

“How can I make it easier to manage my plant containers?”

Every moment a plant grows, it needs a just-right environment. But how do you ensure this is all accurately controlled? And when these grow lights are combined with VANQ agricultural intelligent control system, the effect will be even better, simplifying all complex operations into a few taps. Not only can it manage light intensity, time, temperature and humidity with one click, but it can also make precise adjustments according to the growth stage of the plant. This not only reduces the difficulty of planting, but also greatly improves the success rate of planting.

The controller is combined with lamps and applied on plant containers

“How should hydroponic systems and lighting be designed and installed?”

This is a question every plant factory manager is likely to ask. In a container growing environment, ensuring that each plant receives uniform and appropriate light and nutrients is the key to achieving a bumper harvest.

To address this challenge, VANQ can design specifically for your container. First, our hydroponic system design begins with sturdy planters, which not only support the overall structure of the plants, but also provide a solid foundation for water flow and nutrient distribution. Coupled with the flexible water pipe design, it can ensure that each plant can receive a uniform supply of water and nutrients. The planting grooves are tailor-made for plant root development, maintaining the air circulation needed by the roots while avoiding the problem of excessive waterlogging.

Lamps used in plant containers

As for lighting, our LED grow lights can be seamlessly integrated into the grow frame structure. This ensures that light can evenly cover each leaf, thereby maximizing the efficiency of photosynthesis. The independent dimming knob ensures that the light intensity can be adjusted according to the specific growth stage of the plant, thereby providing a perfect growing environment.

What is an effective solution? Effective solutions must directly address the current challenges faced by users, providing practical ways to meet their specific needs. In the field of container planting, this means that a comprehensive system that operates collaboratively must be created - when the hydroponic system is properly designed, the lighting fixtures are installed correctly, the intelligent control system is finely adjusted and the light needs of the plants are met, the planting problem is easily solved. VANQ not only provides you with tools or technology, but also has a deep understanding of every problem you encounter in container planting and provides a comprehensive solution strategy. When faced with planting problems, you are no longer alone. You can contact us at any time and we will provide you with professional advice and services.