why are cannabis cultivation yields less than expected ? here-are the-details you may have overlooked !

The cannabis market is experiencing unprecedented growth as global awareness of its legalization and medical use increases. The plant is not just considered a product of recreational use, but has been extensively studied for its potential benefits for a variety of medical conditions, such as pain relief, depression, and anxiety. This trend has led to a surge in demand for growing, processing and selling cannabis, attracting more cannabis growers.


Do you often wonder why the growers around you can easily cultivate high-quality and high-yielding cannabis, but your plants always seem a little weak and the harvest is far less than expected? Behind the scenes, there may be some details that you have overlooked.

First, light & spectrum. We all know that the growth of cannabis is inseparable from spectrum and light intensity, and an inadvertent choice can mean that the entire season's efforts are in vain. Secondly, environmental factors. Not only the fluctuations in light duration and temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration are enough to affect the healthy growth of cannabis。

As a leading brand in the field of plant growth, VANQ has created a complete set of cannabis cultivation solutions based on years of research and experience. From plant growth lights to agricultural intelligent control systems, each product is designed to solve your practical problems during the planting process. Let’s work together to solve the difficult problems of cannabis cultivation step by step.

Lighting & spectrum is no longer a problem

For cannabis growers, meeting the plant’s light and spectrum needs at different stages of growth is critical. Traditional light sources are often inadequate in this regard, which not only limits yields but also affects the quality of cannabis.

Our LED grow lights allow for precise control of light intensity via independent dimmer knobs, ensuring your cannabis gets the light it needs at every critical growth stage—from germination to full bloom. At the same time, our multi-spectral support means you can tailor the spectrum to your plants, providing the optimal light environment for every stage.

Combining high-efficiency optical design and advanced LED technology, our lamps not only ensure high light efficiency, but also achieve efficient heat dissipation and waterproof functions, ensuring that the lamps can operate stably in various planting environments. This design not only greatly improves the utilization rate of light energy, but also significantly reduces energy consumption. After long-term use, while the yield and quality of cannabis are improved, you will find that your electricity bill is reduced more than you imagined.

Lamp shines on marijuana

Planting environment, intelligent control

Proper temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration management and lighting duration are crucial to the healthy growth of cannabis, but traditional methods are often cumbersome and inefficient.

With our agricultural intelligent control system, you can easily adjust the lighting duration, intensity, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and other environmental factors as needed. Whether it's scheduled dimming, simulated sunrise/sunset, or precise temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration control, everything is just a tap on the screen and everything is under your control.

Controller combined with light fixtures used in cannabis cultivation

A true planting master not only relies on experience, but also chooses the right tools to maximize planting.

VANQ's grow lights to light controllers are designed to work perfectly together. When the two are used together, the growth efficiency and yield of cannabis will be quickly improved. VANQ not only solves your planting problems, but also hopes that every grower can enjoy the fun of planting and see every cannabis grow healthily and thrive.

If you have any questions or needs about cannabis cultivation, we are here to provide you with professional advice and services and will tailor a solution for you.