Vertical Farming LED Lighting

Locally-grown fresh greens available everyday

Pressure on agricultural land from a rising global population is necessitating the maximization of food production per unit area of cultivation. Attention is increasingly turning to Vertical Farming LED lighting approaches in an attempt to provide a greater crop yield per square meter of land. Fundamental to the creation of a perfect vertical farming environment for both small and large operations is the availability of affordable, sophisticated lighting technologies.

The advances in LED technology have made it possible to create the perfect environment to grow vegetables at a large scale with shorter growing cycles and higher yields. In fact, LED is becoming the de facto source of lighting to create the most advantageous controlled environment for indoor farming. The advances in LED technologies have made indoor cultivation of vegetables very energy-efficient. Although the use of LED light systems increases the upfront investment for growers, the low operational cost – thanks to reduced irrigation, chemical and labor expenses – and long-term energy savings, make up for it.

With a deep understanding of vertical farming from 10 years worldwide projects experience, VANQ’s vertical farming LED lighting solutions deliver all the proven benefits of LED technology as a complete solution. For over 10 years, we have been offering vertical farmers extensive support in the form of calculations and light plans by technical experts, as well as cultivation advice from our plant specialists.

Advantage of LED Grow Light for Vertical Farming

  • Proven light recipes for various crops
  • High and stable yields, reduces production costs and continuously stabilizes supply
  • Improves quality, nutrient content and flavor
  • Shortens delivery time and provides fresh vegetables from a local supply
  • Improves land use rate and increases the yield per unit area by muti-shelves cultivation
  • Energy savings and less investment in the HVAC system