10 common misunderstandings about hydroponic basil cultivation

Posted on Jul 03 , 2024

Currently, hydroponic basil is becoming more and more popular, but many people encounter some common misunderstandings during the planting process.

So how to avoid these problems and let basil grow healthily?

This article will reveal 10 common misunderstandings to help you grow your basil hydroponically more smoothly.

hydroponic basil

Misunderstanding 1: Ignoring the choice of water quality

Can tap water be used directly to grow basil hydroponically?

Chlorine and other chemicals in tap water can damage basil's root system. A better method is to use filtered water or tap water that has been left to stand for 24 hours.

Water quality is especially critical when it comes to growing basil hydroponically from seed. Proper water quality promotes seed germination and healthy growth.

Misunderstanding 2: Insufficient or too strong light

The importance of light to plant growth is self-evident.

Many people give their basil either too much sunlight or not enough.

Grow lights allow for better light control, and 6-8 hours of indirect light per day is ideal for basil.

Grow lights are suitable for all crops in hydroponic farming. Adequate light ensures photosynthesis for plants, thereby promoting healthy growth.

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Misunderstanding 3: Improper use of nutrient solution

Will basil grow better if I add more nutrient solution?

A big mistake.

The concentration and frequency of nutrient solutions need to be precisely controlled, as too much will burn the roots.

The correct way is to follow the product instructions and use it in moderation.

Misunderstanding 4: Ignoring pH adjustment

Do you regularly test and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution?

Many people ignore this, causing plants to be unable to absorb nutrients properly.

The ideal pH is between 5.5-6.5. The correct pH value optimizes the absorption efficiency of nutrient solutions, thereby promoting healthy plant growth.

Misunderstanding 5: Ignoring air circulation

plants can never grow healthily in a closed environment. Never ignore the issue of air circulation.

Good air circulation helps prevent disease. Many people neglect ventilation when growing indoors, leading to the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Using ventilation equipment such as fans can help improve air circulation.

Misunderstanding 6: Improper water temperature control

Don't underestimate the importance of water temperature.

Too high will cause the root system to be deprived of oxygen, and too low will slow down growth.

The ideal water temperature for growing basil hydroponically is between 18-22°C.

Misunderstanding 7: Wrong choice of planting container

Are you still using airtight containers?

That's not okay.

An airtight container will restrict root breathing. Choose a container that is breathable and make sure it has adequate drainage holes.

Misunderstanding 8: Over or Under Pruning

Pruning helps encourage new branch growth.

But pruning too much can weaken the plant, and pruning too little can cause the plant to grow leggy.

It is basic common sense to prune basil regularly and appropriately to maintain its healthy shape.

Misunderstanding 9: Neglecting pest control

Are there no pests in hydroponics?


In fact, aphids, powdery mildew, etc. can still occur.

Regular inspections and preventive measures should be taken.

Misunderstanding 10: Failure to replace nutrient solution regularly

If the nutrient solution is not replaced for a long time, the water quality will deteriorate and the nutrients will be unbalanced.

The nutrient solution should be replaced every two weeks to keep the water clean and nutritious. This is basic requirements.

By understanding and avoiding these common myths, you can not only successfully grow basil, but also enjoy the joy of growing it, a joy that nothing can replace. Don't you want to experience this feeling? Start your hydroponic basil journey now, and with this guide, you’re sure to succeed.

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