3 Ways to Grow Marijuana at Home with Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana

Posted on Jan 22 , 2021


In many countries, marijuana is allowed to grow legally, so it is interesting to see how this process is going on in them. To grow cannabis, you can take regular soil for flowering plants, you can buy it in specialized stores. It is important that the pH is between 5.5 and 6.5.

As for the backlight, incandescent lamps are categorically unsuitable, since they give too little light. Experience has shown that good lamp HPS , EBW and LED Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana . If a sodium lamp HPS is used, then it must be borne in mind: it gets very hot, therefore it should be placed high above the plants.

marijuana grows exclusively at temperatures from 18 to 27 degrees, the optimal temperature is considered to be 24 degrees.

If a grow tent for plants for some reason can only support extreme temperature values, then either a frost-resistant or heat-resistant plant variety should be chosen.

During the flowering period, marijuana emits a characteristic odor, so you need to equip the grow tents with special charcoal filters or choose a weak-smelling plant.

Three ways to grow cannabis at home

Stealth Grove


For this, miniature grow tents are used, often made by hand, for example, from a computer system unit. Usually the size of such a grow tent does not exceed 40x40x80 centimeters. Instead of a system unit, you can use a large bucket or bedside table. Inside, it is necessary to install from one to three ELS or LED lamps, or one low-power sodium Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana. One or two computer coolers are sufficient for ventilation. The cost for such a device is small, from thirty to fifty dollars, but you can grow only one or two bushes.

Fully equipped grow tent


A full-fledged grow tent broadcasts up to nineteen marijuana bushes. It is equipped with several sodium Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana and a charcoal filter on the exhaust ventilation. The inner surface is laid out with high-quality reflective material. Those who do not want to buy such a product for money can assemble it themselves from an old cabinet or refrigerator. In this case, the box itself should be painted with white paint.

Separate growing room


It is equipped with many Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana, as well as an automatic watering system, because it will be troublesome to water the plants yourself. Initial costs are estimated at five hundred US dollars. Do not put the bushes too tightly: this will not give an increase in yield, since the plants will compete.

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