8 Tips for Choosing the Best Cannabis Grow Lights

Posted on Dec 16 , 2022

If you are growing cannabis plants for the first time to get flowers, you may wonder how to choose the best cannabis grow lights. After all, having a good light source is the first step to successful indoor harvesting,especially for cannabis growing.

The question is: what makes LED grow lights better than other lights? Between the technical parameters and the multitude of options to choose from, Buying the right best cannabis grow lights for you with confidence is no easy feat.

Different Types of LED Grow Lights



Distributed plant growth lights are panels dotted with small LEDs on a large area. Advantages for many factories, higher throughput and built-in cooling system can be obtained. Subcategories include quantum board, spider and folding style grow lights.

2.Traditional Panels

For small spaces, traditional panels are compact in size and often include full-spectrum horticultural lighting. They are "hybrid" styles between COB styles.


COB grow lights provide powerful illumination from a single light source, emitting full spectrum frequency.

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How do users choose the right LED grow light ?

Before making a selection, users need to have a basic understanding of the basic requirements of LED plant growth lights:


LED grow lights mimic natural light, but unless they are full-spectrum LED lights, they may not have all the colors on the electromagnetic spectrum (such as a special ratio of red and blue light). If you're growing cannabis plants from seed to flower, you should look for a combination of blue, purple (UV), red, and infrared (IR) LEDs.


2.Heat output

To avoid leaf burn, the best LED grow lights have cooling systems such as radiators or rely on fans to dissipate heat, these systems also keep the fixture from overheating.


3.PPFD diagram

The PPFD diagram refers to the growth space of the plant light under different height coverage. This is measured in feet and usually falls between 2'✕2' and 4'✕4'.


The Best LED Grow Lights for Growing cannabis Plants Indoors PPFD MAP


The Ideal Grow Lights For Commercial Cultivation Facilities Recommended


Contrary to popular belief, higher wattage is not the best way to assess how much power an LED light consumes. LEDs are designed to be cost-effective, so higher wattages may put more financial pressure on growers. The true measurement of power comes down to how much light the plant itself needs to absorb, listed as a 400-700nm PAR rating. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation, in other words it is the amount of visible light that plants use for photosynthesis.

5.Light Intensity

The standard for measuring light intensity is micromoles per joule. In product listings, you'll see it written as umol/j or PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux). The best LED grow lights have high PPF because they produce more photons per second. Look for lamps with 1.5 umol/j and above.


6. Measurements

In addition to PPF, users may also see measurements in μmol/m2/s or PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). This sounds technical, but all you need to know as a grower is that PPFD measures the number of photons hitting the surface of a plant per second. You need to measure PPF and PPFD on the same plane at different heights to know the intensity of light at different heights.


Often overlooked by home growers, make sure that the user's power outlet can accept the voltage range of the LED grow light, especially if the light itself includes a series function. This allows you to connect multiple lights in a given space, but consumes more power and requires wiring into the home.


Since LED grow lights are an investment in a product, having a warranty can provide peace of mind for users and ensure that faulty parts can be returned and replaced. Also, it is better to choose a product with a longer lifespan (more hours).

If you still have questions of looking for a good led grow light, please feel free to contact us: vanqled@vanqled.com ,our professional sales will provide more useful tips for your reference.

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